sweeter than a box of chocolates



4 responses to “sweeter than a box of chocolates

  1. Are these from your hubby? That is sweet. It is always nice to get something that will continue growing and not die after a couple of weeks.
    No sign of spring for us here yet. Everybody says we get the most snow in Feb. and March! I was thinking we were about done, since it started snowing in Oct! We did bring a little branch in from one of our trees out side and the buds started opening after a few days. I wonder if that can be transplanted into the ground when it’s warm outside? You don’t have to answer that. I’m just pondering that.

    • no, these weren’t from hubby.
      but the free time spent planting them was his gift to me.
      as for the tree, does it have roots yet?
      i think you can put in the ground when it has roots.
      i am not an authority by any means so i’d look it up online.

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