turning it off

last night i was working on my new little space and hubby asked me to get off the computer. for some reason the sound of the clicking keyboard disturbs his sleep. do any of you have this same problem? have you ever been told to turn it OFF ? where is your computer? do you have more than 1? and when, if not in the wee small hours of the morning, or night, do you blog?

first of all, the computer is in our bedroom because #1 we watch a lot of movies on netflix-instantly and secondly, which is more important than #1, we have children + 1 teenager, who deserve to be protected from the evil temptations which abound on the internet.

i have contemplated moving it, but i must say that i also like the accountability which goes along with keeping it somewhere that even i can be told to turn it off , out of consideration for said sleeping husband, will kindly and willingly turn it off.

thoughts and suggestions welcome.


7 responses to “turning it off

  1. I have a laptop for my personal use. I carry it where-ever I need it – kitchen, living room, schoolroom, etc. We have wireless internet in the house – really like that option.

    Hubby has a laptop for work. It’s in his office. The kids and I do not use it.

    The kids use my old desktop computer. It’s kept in the schoolroom. It does have internet access, but only hubby and I know the password. The kids need to ask permission to go online and we track where they’ve been and try to teach them what is appropriate. We haven’t had problems with them searching for sites as of yet. Windows lets us set up separate users, so one user is internet access/password protected and the other they can access freely for typing papers.

    We don’t have TV in the bedroom. We tried it and didn’t like it. When we are there, it’s reading, talking or lights out. We prefer to watch movies downstairs on the larger screen (we hope to be able to hook up for instant netflix – just haven’t attempted that yet).

    • well, glad to see i am not alone.
      we didn’t have a t.v. in our room for years, as it can be disruptive. but i have carved out a few quiet spots around the house to make up for it. the living room contains the big screen, but the kids usually watch dvds on that. i will be taking a small t.v. which we have in the schoolroom up to my parent’s home in the mountains because a certain little boy puts a movie on any and every chance he gets, regardless of the “no movies during the day” rule.
      welcome to the lost club kimberly. just be prepared to never understand what is going on. ever. just when you think you might have it figured out, something will throw you for a loop! we just discoverd a show last night called what would you do? it is great! each episode has an opportunity for a lesson in everything from manners to morals. it is so hard to find things that we can watch together as a family, but i agree that abc.com is probably what we watch the most right now-because of lost and 24. we also watch discovery streaming, has anyone ever tried that? it has some wonderful science videos-not based upon a “godly” view of science, but with a good foundation already, my kids know not to pay attention to everything said.
      with regards to writing, i have learned to write when i can too. i journal a lot anyway, that is where the bulk of the posts are. although i have started keeping the gardening journal online. it is nice to have one less journal.

  2. Yay! I found you! Our computer is in my husband’s office, a small room at the end of the house. (not by any bedrooms) He uses it in the evening and on weekends, so I don’t. It controls me, otherwise I’d be on way too much!

  3. Regan,

    I have the exact same issue for the exact same reasons! The PC is in the bedroom. Actually, two PC’s are in the bedroom…mine and hubby’s which is currently “down.” Hubby is in IT and frequently works from home…thus the need for a quiet place. Also, the issue of not leaving any of our children alone with the computer. There are just too many temptations out there, especially for teenage boys!

    “Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves…”

    Yep…hubby frequently has to tell me to stop the tap-tap-tapping…it drives him nuts, especially because that’s what he does for 12 – 14 hours a day. I’m an early morning/late night blogger. I write many posts, save drafts and then when I feel like hit “publish.” I just don’t have the time to write during the day…it must be early or late, and early is harder because I help dh get ready for work in the a.m.

    We do the movie thing too…Netflix and ABC.com (which offers free episodes of Lost…I don’t watch network television and only just discovered this program last week…I’m hopelessly, ridiculously addicted!!!)

    Our oldest daughter at home is moving in a few weeks…sigh…the only benefit will be gaining an extra room downstairs. Which we will convert to an office/classroom. My upstairs classroom, which is an enormous space at the top of my stairs, opening into all bedrooms, will probably be converted to a family chapel…at least those are my hopes. Until then, I just tough it out, write when I can and try to be as accommodating as possible to the one who works so hard to support this family!!

  4. This is good to think about. Thanks for posting … Our computer is in the basement, in an office. My husband works from home sometimes, and he did a lot when I was on bedrest with the twins and then a few months after they were born. So, he needed a quiet place to work. Our kids are young enough that the computer isn’t an issue YET. I suspect that it will be moved or monitored in some way as they get older. Since blogging is new to me, I am having a hard time finding the “right” time to work on it. I started as a way to keep my family up-to-date with our family, but now I have discovered this little community of women who have been so inspirational to me! Who knew?! So, it certainly has become instrumental in my vocation … So, when do I work on it? Early morning? After the kids are in bed? During quiet time? I just haven’t found a groove yet, so I do it here and there, which I don’t really like … As far as TV, it’s in our family room … We try to implement a no-TV-during-the-week rule, but sometimes the kids ask and ask anyway … I think with Lent coming up, we have something we can offer up! Oh, and hubby and I *try* to practice the same rule as the kids, with the exception of Lost, of course =)

  5. I have a laptop, it can go anywhere 🙂

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