holy innocence



today was the valentine exchange party with our home school group. there were crafts and i know someone planned a few games, but with the cold and all the different age levels, it seemed like a good idea just to let them play. it was freezing cold, but we had hot chocolate. cookies, cupcakes and homemade sugar bread filled almost a whole table. my fingers are still so numb i can barely type. so in that respect i am glad to be home. the kids are having a dance off in the living room. i want to say that it is for the fun of it, but i think the quantity of sugar they consumed this afternoon has something to do with it.

there were three new babies there. i had my eye on the two dressed in pink. i can’t show you their pictures because they are not my babies, but i sure left that park wanting to take one home. my baby will be 5 in april. i will turn 33. i would love at least one more before i turn 35.

the holy innocence which abounds when homeschooling families gather always leaves me in awe. all of the sticky hands, happy faces and huge mini vans stand out for some reason. and what a blessing they are in a world where having too many kids is deemed such a burden.

today almost didn’t happen because of the weather, but i am so glad it did! love is a holiday that should be celebrated every day! i think i’ll keep all the heart stuff out until ash wednesday, but i won’t bore you with any more red and white, i promise.


4 responses to “holy innocence

  1. Don’t you just love homeschool groups? I am so thankful for mine. We too consumed great amounts of sugar at ours. It was a nightmare trying to get them to settle down that night. Ours was the day before Valentine’s and then we had more sugar on Valentine’s day the day after.
    Besides the babies, my favorite thing at these gatherings is how the kids of all ages just play and get along. Older kids help younger kids. It’s just something you don’t see very often outside of homeschooling. We had neighbor kids come over at our old house and no matter which set it was, they automatically were mean to my younger ones. Different kids from different families. I guess it is a learned instinct?
    I wish I could have seen those babies. Sometimes I just ask permission to make sure. As long as I don’t use names or anything.

  2. It sounds like a great party! What a blessing to be part of such a wonderful group! Even though we don’t homeschool, we are so blessed to know other big Catholic families, some that homeschool and some that don’t. It’s a joy when we all get together and the adults are way outnumbered by the children! The noise level is usually high, but the kids have fun and are good to each other. (On our block alone there are 17 kids within 4 houses—ages 10 to 1; the rest of the neighbors are empty-nesters, but they enjoy seeing our kids riding around and playing …)

    Anyway, I also wanted to let you know that I did change my blog name … I think that if you just click on my name, it will direct you to the new one.

    Happy Monday!

  3. are you kidding? I love your pictures! they are so awesome!

  4. I envy those with homeschool groups–we are too rural to have one where I am.

    BTW, I had my first baby at 35–10 years later, here I am expecting number 6. Not planned by us, but certainly planned by God.

    I wouldn’t mind a little girl myself. My baby girl is going on 10, and I have four little boys already!

    I like the new look on WordPress–I may follow you some day…

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