purple for peach


here is a peek at some purple for peach. that’s quite a tongue twister, isn’t it? i have never actually met peach, but her mama is awfully lovely. and though it is her birthday today, i did not make them as an actual present, but i really wish they would’ve been finished in time! however, now that they have made their appearance here, they won’t stay on the needle for long. besides, i need to hurry up and finish them so that i can send them on their way before my mother finds out. you see, she has this thing for purple and she thinks that yarn is hers and if she sees these, while i don’t want to be cheeky in any way, because my mother is a wonderful, godly woman, she just might try to shove her hands into them-kind of like the wicked step-sisters in cinderella-when they tried to shove poor cinderella’s glass slipper onto their feet(GRIMM’s fairy tales-definitely NOT the disney version).

well, with that being said, i am off to finish homeschooling my children so i can finish these handwarmers.

ps. i know that i lack skill in stitching, but i think i make up for it with creative design. (i just had to get that off my chest!)


2 responses to “purple for peach

  1. that fibre is beautiful! Peach is gonna love them!

  2. Regan,
    What are you doing over here? Have you always been over here? I can’t wait to look around. And if it’s not too late, I’d love to get in on the scrap exchange. I have bags (and bags).

    And about the handwarmers, Peach is going to be sooooo excited.

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