the scrap bag exchange

i have been reading a book called American Quilts, Quilting, and Patchwork. it is filled with the history of quilt making, techniques, patterns and folklore. and so of course now i am itching to finish a quilt i have had for my daughter since she was a baby-she’ll be 10 this summer. initially i wanted to work on the quilt during the winter, but of course i haven’t. but my new goal is to finish it by her 10th birthday, as i read that this was quite often the practice in the 17 and 1800’s.

another thing mentioned in the book, which caught my eye was the scrap bag exchange. the idea is to exchange bags of scraps with one another with the intention to “foster a spirit of community”. so i thought i would throw this out there and see if anyone is interested. leave me a comment letting me know you’d like to participate and how: by either giving or receiving OR both giving and receiving. let your friends and family know and we’ll see what happens. in one week i’ll close comments and get back to you with the details of the exchange.

ps. i realize lent is around the corner and it is not my intention to distract anyone in any way. this should involve very limited work and while it could serve as a way to de-clutter some of the material we all tend to hoard collect, for those who’d like to receive a bag, this could also be dangerous!


13 responses to “the scrap bag exchange

  1. I would be willing to send a scrap bag, but am not sure about letting more into my home. I have a couple quilt ‘irons’ in the fire already, so I probably shouldn’t add more kindling. I mainly quilt for groups at church. Those quilts tend to get done in a timely manner, thank goodness!

    I have a quilt kit for my oldest son. It will fit a full/queen bed (thankfully he’s not in that bed yet & doesn’t need the quilt). A deadline is always a good idea for someone like me.

    Do you hand quilt, tie, hand machine quilt or send it to someone else?

    • suzie, it looks like it might just be me and you! i am not seeing a lot of enthusiasm out there. but i’ll give it a week and see. i am going to attempt hand quilting, so we’ll see what happens in the next few months.

  2. Making a quilt, with scraps of my kids baby/childhood clothing, etc., is something I want to do, deepy. Just a patchwork quilt. I know every square would mean so much to me, and as a quilt of my own, it would be a treasure. Haven’t done anything about it yet though, including gathering scraps, or truly learning how to sew. lol
    Your post though, reminds me of a book I LOVED of the kids that we just returned to the library. “Papa and the Pioneer Quilt”. It’s in the sidebar of my blog.
    Anyway…Good luck with that quilt project!

  3. holy moly I have to catch up!!! I keep clicking to this new site and I kept getting your first post.

    All is better now. I figured it out. I better go and read now!

  4. I would, too, but I don’t have a lot of worthy scraps. I’m afraid anybody receiving mine would be getting the short end of the stick. Plus some I have are from my babies and when I ever do start a quilt, I want to make something with their old clothes. I was actually just talking about quilting yesterday with a new IRL friend. She can actually quilt, so she was showing how to do some.

  5. I’d love to do this. My dd and I are doing a VQB right now and we have lots of scraps 🙂 I can’t wait to hear specifics…keep me posted at Thx!

  6. OK, I’m in! When I first read about this, I thought, “What a great idea!” Then, almost immediately, this little voice popped into my head saying, “Too bad you can’t do it, because you don’t know how.” So, for the last couple days, I kept going back and forth in my mind, “Oh, I want to do this.” “Oh, but you can’t.” Finally, I decided not to let that negativity win, and here I am telling you that I’m game! I’m a newbie (with a little sewing skill), but I have to keep practicing, right? Maybe I can start with a small piece like doll quilt or pillow … And by the time my daughter turns 10, maybe I will be making her a quilt for her birthday!! The thing is, I don’t have a stash of fabric to contribute, so I guess this will be the beginning of my collection, if there’s enough to go around … Oh, one more thing, I almost signed up for a beginning quilting class through community ed., but I knew I was going to take a knitting class this spring and probably couldn’t do both … Possibly this is confirmation that quilting is in my future 😉 since it’s now come up twice! Sorry so long … bye!

  7. Thanks for always inspiring me to look at the world and what’s in it differently. More kindly.

  8. Hey Regan,

    Sounds like a nice idea. Let me know when you figure out the details.

    I will pass your link to a couple of friends who may be interested.


  9. you know i’m in. i’m a sucker for this kind of stuff. and my husband will be so glad to see some of the hoarded scraps leave…he’s even *gasp* suggested that my scraps are garbage.

    after that, he’s lucky we’re still married.

    • cici, where do they learn to say such things.
      maybe we could send them to live together in a “scrap free zone”.
      but i bet they’d be missing us real quick!
      “love me, love my s crap s !!!”

  10. when you pick this back up after lent I would love to know all the details, i have quite a few scraps that could use a new home and i am sure my scrap basket would love some new friends!

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