sick on a saturday

when you’re sick on a saturday…….at least for us, it’s all about the s’s:

sitting: in my favorite spot on the couch. sewing: the finishing touches on hand warmers. sipping: my favorite tea. soup: homemade chicken noodle-of course i made it myself. seeds: we have a few new packets that we are just itching to go out and plant, but there is a little more work than i am up to required before they can go into the ground. stories: Lamb’s shakespeare tales. my middle two are finally old enough to enjoy these wonderful, wonderful stories. can you think of a better way to spend a sick day than being stranded on an island with prospero, miranda and ariel…..imagining you are miranda and you’ve just been struck by “love at first sight”…..this is for the kids, you know.

my favorite lines this morning:

full fathom five thy father lies;

of his bones are coral made;

those are pearls that were his eyes:

nothing of him that doth fade,

but doth suffer a sea-change

into something new and strange.

sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell.

hark, now i hear them, ding-dong bell……

so of course we start talking about davy jones and the changes that the sea made to him, and then we had to stop, because otherwise we’d never finish the story, but you know how it goes, if you give a child some shakespeare, chances are he is going to want some pirates of the caribbean to go along with it…………(is it ever like that for you?) well, i am off to enjoy the rest of this sick day. hope you are enjoying your saturday, whatever you are doing!


6 responses to “sick on a saturday

  1. Oh, I hope you are feeling better soon! Sounds like a nice sick day, if that’s possible?

    A couple of my littles are coughing like crazy and have been up a lot the past couple nights! By the time it goes through all of us, maybe it will be Spring?

  2. Our youngest has the sniffles and red eyes, too. He stayed home with Dad today. My daughter and I had to run to Fargo for her First Communion Retreat. It’s good to be home again.

    I like the prose, too! My oldest is just finishing up memorizing Jabberwocky. It is a strange poem, but he loves it. Just the rhythm of the words draws the listener closer.

  3. Get well soon!!! My right ear opened up tonight – it’s stayed fairly good so far after a few hours. It could close up again, but this has given me hope that they are on the mend. Finally! Keep up the rest and fluids.

  4. Sounds like a pretty pleasant sick day!

    I loved the Tempest in high school – you’ve reminded me to get that Lamb book. So many people talk about it!

  5. Oh goodness!! I’m sorry you’re all sick. And on a Saturday! I love that you are making the most of it, though. Being sick almost sounds FUN at your house. You’re productive and creative, even when your down and out!
    My prayers for a speedy recovery. I sure hope you all feel better, and soon!

  6. in reply to your comment: 2 words on the busy….
    needless to say, i already know what i’m giving up for lent!

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