this dance

most of us have done this dance at some point in our lives. i know i have. it is the one between us and Our God. the world lures us this way and that, He pulls us back, always trying to save us from ourselves. so as the lenten journey begins, my prayer for you (and myself) is that no matter what we are giving up or even adding to our lives, may whatever it is, bring us closer to HIM, which in the end, is where we were all created to be. have a blessed lent.

ps. i know this is not the “ideal” Jesus, i can’t even imagine Him not as jim caviezal, which is erroneous as well, but one can’t help but be touched by this video.


7 responses to “this dance

  1. Regan…

    wow. wow. I’m embedding this via youtube. Unbelievably powerful. No other words.

  2. I really like that comparison, the dance we do with God, so true, so true.

  3. Oh, I went back and watched the video and even though I’ve seen it before, I am still bawling! So powerful…I might have to borrow this for my blog, it puts your right there for lent!

    • i have watched it MANY times too and it always makes me cry and gives me the chills because i remember being “that girl”…..

  4. I’ve seen this video before, too. It’s powerful. Thanks for posting it again!

  5. That was QUITE a video! So powerful and….emotional! Thanks for sharing that Regan!
    And boy…you summed up your Lenten hopes much better and breifer than I could. lol.

  6. I saw this also awhile back and cried and cried. I have been down some of those roads and I am so glad to be back where I belong.

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