if you came for tea and other nonsense


i feel out of sorts because although it was monday, we didn’t do any school, instead we had some new friends over for tea. a lovely gal from my homeschool group, who i had only briefly met once before last summer, contacted me about getting together and so we agreed on today. we had a nice late lunch: sandwiches, pasta salad, strawberries and raspberries, chamomile tea and lemon biscuits. and i am telling you, just in case you ever came for tea, so you’d know what to expect.

everyone behaved themselves, the house was clean, they yard tidy. we did manage to squeeze in one slight emergency before our guests arrived, which got in the way of one our batches of cookies, but that is just life with boys, at least with my boys anyway. my mom brought me flowers, as today was an anniversary of sorts. we didn’t burn anything. i managed to clean corners of the house that may never get cleaned again-just kidding-but i did get something out of the drain in the bathtub that resembled a lifeless rat. gosh, maybe we should have guests more often!

i will leave the scrap-bag exchange up for a few more days while i continue to try and work out the details. i think i must put them on paper so it will make sense to me.

please forgive the odd timing of my posts. i have not figured out this one kink in wordpress. like for example it is 9:02 cA time, but my draft says it is 5:02 a.m., which means in wordpress world it is already tomorrow…?

so i will be off to bed now since this crummy cold is not taking its’ leave. it went from a runny, nose-allergy-type thing to a stuffy nose, dizzy feeling in my head.

and remember: if you ever want to come for tea………………just warn me so that i can get that rat out of the bathtub!

hope you all are well. thanks for stopping by.


15 responses to “if you came for tea and other nonsense

  1. Happy Fat Tuesday, Regan!
    Glad you had a nice visit, with new friends yesterday.
    Do you have wordpress .com or .org?
    You can google just about any question you have, being specific, and find the answers to tweak these things- like your coast time thing. Give it a try. : )

  2. i cant find your email – so for me to “hear” your story, you’ll need to email me :o)


  3. Sounds faaaabulous! Wish I was there!

  4. I would love to visit for tea. It’s just a bit of a trip…

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I didn’t know…. you have a little angel.

  5. O no! you are kidding me?! Was there lots of screaming?

    Did it live? I ask because I once had a troubled teen friend during high school…prepare yourself…when she found a dead little fellow she put it on a plate!!…surrounded it with crackers….like a nice little snack….and left it out for her mother to find when she came home!!


    Perhaps “troubled” wasn’t the right word…disturbed? Anyway, I couldn’t help but see the two connect in your story. Sorry.

  6. Oh, Regan, I’m so sorry for your loss. A few other mothers and myself were talking about miscarriages last week and decided that a later miscarriage is a still birth, because it is so much more than just a miscarriage. (not belittling a miscarriage, but my miscarriage at 9 weeks was completely different to yours at 20 weeks)

    So….was the creature a mouse or a big giant hairball? With 4 females with long hair in our household, big giant hairballs are a normal thing!!

    I do so wish I could come for tea, your lunch looked beautiful. You have such pretty tea settings and table settings!!

  7. I will clarify, my miscarriage was 7 years ago, not this baby now!

  8. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your son. No matter when someone is taken from us it is so hard. But as you wrote about in your poem, you have faith and trust that he is in Heaven with our Lord—praying for you. (What a beautiful gift that faith is!) I hope that truth, that faith gives you comfort today.

    Your tea party sounded lovely! I am glad you had fun with your friend (and ALL the kids)! I am sure she appreciated the thoughtfulness you put into making everything look so beautiful.

    God bless you today.

  9. i know your pain.

    hope you get better soon!

  10. Regan…so many of us have made our own way of the cross, leaving our child in the arms of our dear Mother. My “anniversary” is on my birthday…7 years ago Jan. 5th…Mary Grace. Bless you for sharing. Your memory is poignant and sweetly expressed…I imagine Mary Grace and Seth are very good friends by now.

    The tea party sounds delightful…giant rat-sized hairball not included! With four long-haired lasses in this family, I don’t want to think about what we’d snake out of the drain!

  11. Hi Regan – Me again.
    I came back to see if you answered about the blog, anc found myself confused reading other comments. How did I miss your loss that everyone was mentioning. I realize now I didn’t see/click on the ‘anniversary’ link. I did just now.
    I, too, am so sorry for your loss. And what a BEAUTIFUL poem you have written for your son, Seth. No doubt he feels your unconsitional, never-ending love.

    • you are all so kind and thoughtful, thanks for your well wishes. kimberly, jaimie and christine(?)……
      i am sure our little ones are together, at the foot of the throne of our Father in heaven, probably trying to figure out how to get us to where they are. i will pray for all of you who have lost a little one, it is never easy, no matter how far along you are. if you know you are pregnant and you love and respect life the way most of us do, if the baby doesn’t make it, it can be so heartbreaking. but as i told laura, my son is the only one of my children i don’t worry about. he had the baptism of desire, he even has godparents who remember him and incidentally they became godparents to my littlest son. anyway, thanks again and i hope you all had a lovely fat tuesday! i am off to eat pizza and drink rootbeer floats. so hugs and goodnite.

      ps. allison, i am happy to say that it was a hairball. my daughter and i both have long hair and it clogs the drain up somethin’ awful. it just looked like a dead rat! i think our 2 kitties do a pretty good job of patrolling the perimeter of the house so that a rat or mouse wouldn’t have much of a chance!

      pss. and for my far away friends–barb and amy– the tea invitation is good in the even that you ever make it out this way=)

  12. We too have saints in the heavenly choir Regan, it is never easy when those anniversaries come up. Praying that your cold goes away ASAP, I’m finally starting to feel normal again (whatever that is). Many blessings in your lenten journey, looking forward to the scrap exchange. Let me know when you want me to post something 😉 Hugs!

  13. Yuppo – I have a baby up there with the Lord, too. I feel for anyone who’s lost a child at all – at any stage it is very difficult. God bless you all. And, regan, you are so right: we don’t have to worry about those ones.

    And, just so you know: I would never be the kind of visitor who would dig about in your tub for left behind bits that resemble anything that used to be alive. Just so you know. God, I can almost feel my light lunch at the back of my throat thinking about you removing it. OH, stop!!

    You crack me up!

    • sarah, i am not even the type to look in someone else’s drain-i swear-but somehow, i just didn’t think i could sip tea very comfortably knowing the “thing” was in there! and to you and meredith, it seems like most of us have one or more of those anniversaries, i just thank God that you all are so understanding, because it is hard sometimes. i know in my case, every time i look at littlest son, i can’t help but think that he would not be here if my other little guy had not died, so while what happened was tragic, God is so faithful and wonderful, that He sent me a new someone to love. in the end i have my little saint in heaven AND a rambunctious-little curly-haired boy to bring me joy!

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