Lord, make me like a bumblebee?

the book:

the sermons of st. francis de sales for lent given in 1622

the words:

“do not act like the spider, who represents the proud, but imitate the bee, who is the symbol of the humble soul. the spider spins its’ web where everyone can see it, and never in secret. it spins in orchards, going from tree to tree, in houses, on windows, on floors-in short, before the eyes of all. in this it resembles the vain and hypocritical who do everything to be seen and admired by others. their works are in fact only spiders’ webs, fit to be cast into the fires of hell. but the bees are wiser and more prudent, for they prepare their honey in the hive where no one can see them. besides that, they build their work in secret. this represents very well the humble soul…………”

“our words must be set aflame not by shouts and unrestrained gestures, but by inward affection. they must issue from our heart rather than our mouth. we must speak well, but heart speaks to heart, and the tongue speaks only to people’s ears.”

my thoughts:

geesh, that being said, i feel like my whole blogging career should come to a screeching halt! i can’t promise to blog without a bit of silliness, craftiness and even some nonsense here and there, but i would love to speak to your heart. and since i often think about the time i spend on the internet and how each moment i spend here is a moment spent away from my children, my husband, my God or tending to my home and garden and how it is the same for you. therefore when you visit this place, it should edify your life in some way, otherwise i am wasting not only my time, but yours too. and perhaps nothing puts wasted time into perspective like the words “man you are dust and to dust you shall return.”

st. francis says that those words are as if the Church is telling us “oh man, quit at this moment all joys and merrymaking, all joyful and pleasant reflections and fill your memory with bitter and sorrowful thoughts. in this way you will make your mind fast together with your body.”

so, in an effort to join what goes on here with the command of Holy Mother Church to fast “in whatever ways we have offended God: in frivolity, listening to vain talk, filling your mind with worldly images, speaking idle words and savoring the things of this world. never fasting with vanity, but always through humility, depriving yourselves at this time of ordinary conversations with friends and withdraw to great solitude and places removed from communication with people” my goal, at least for these 40 days, is to spend more time reflecting and praying. i am not saying that i won’t be posting at all and i certainly don’t want to make anyone who chooses to post feel bad in any way. i am simply sharing my thoughts, as most of us are in this together and truthfully, i need to be a lot more like the bumblebee and less like the spider……


ps. scrap-bag exchange friends, can we put this on hold until lent is over? i think it would be best. thanks.


8 responses to “Lord, make me like a bumblebee?

  1. It all sounds good, Regan.

  2. heart speaks to heart…I like that quote.

    Only you can know, Regan, how this “speaks” to you and leads you.

    If the catharsis of writing helps you spiritually figure out things and reflect on movements of your heart then weigh that, but also weigh what you’ve noted about your time with your family…

    There is nothing more important than our faith life and families +and+ the community of Catholic bloggers can build faith in a prayerful way….I hope you find your balance. 🙂

  3. I’m fine with waiting until Lent is over for the scrap quilt project.

  4. Hey Regan —
    Whatever you feel drawn to do, is the right thing.

    But as I was reading, I was thinking: these words on your blog, are not REALLY from your ‘mouth’, but indeed from your ‘heart’.
    And it is not necessarily put out there for all of the world to see-appearing before unexpecting eyes (like a spider web.) You can be the bee, and your blog can be seen as your hive, where you do your humble work, with a quiet invitiation to all, that we are welcome to your hive, anytime, to hear what your heart is saying.

  5. If you do go it was sure nice meeting you. I do hope you stay. All bloggers say that though. Do what is best for you.

    • christine, don’t write me off yet. i simply said i needed a little fasting for my eyes. it is surely not going to be easy as there are so many great blogs out there to read and visit, projects “to do”, flickr pictures to look at, craft and sewing ideas, etc. i needed to publicly tell myself that there is something different about these 40 days, the Church says so and like a good child, i am going to try and listen to my mother.

  6. It’s a struggle, yeah? That’s part of life, not just Lent, when we search for a balance in our activities of each day. You are a beautiful soul and I am very much edified when I come by – you speak through your photo’s and crafts every bit as much as you do in your words; all, I feel, are from your heart. Your heart is a good place. May Almighty God give you His peace, through Christ, Our Lord, with the love of Our Lady, Mother Mary.

    And, we’ll see you when you are around. ((HUGS))

  7. Regan,

    Beautiful sentiments! If you post less, it will make it all the more special to come here. May your Lent be blessed with your focus on what is most important to Our Lord–not to us.

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