playing hooky

i didn’t want to do it. last week i didn’t do it, but i probably should’ve. in fact it is probably because i didn’t do it then that i am here now. after all i am sick. this rotten cold has progressively gotten worse. i think it might even classify as a sinus infection. i know this nasty virus is making its’ rounds coast to coast, but today it has me playing hooky from mass.

my poor husband has been gone all week, he was working out of town and here is busy being “me” since he came home. he has very patiently washed all of his clothes, as he leaves again on monday, he went to the grocery store yesterday, made lunch and dinner, this morning he got every one showered and ready for mass, took the kids to mass, came home, got every one changed, packed up all the baseball stuff and off they went to the park.

i would’ve done all those things too- if i were feeling well. but why does it seem so much nicer when he does it? why does every one notice him at mass, wish me well and feel sorry for him? heck, i am even feeling sorry for him, even though i am the one sitting here, wasting away. i look like rudolph, smell like carmex, a pile of tissues to my left, sewing stuff and books on my right and i even watched emma on netflix. however, if this is some sort of lenten sanctification for him, who am i to interfere? after all, he’ll leave again tomorrow morning and i’ll still be here. i’ll be “me” again, reality having slapped me out of my vicks’ induced stupor. but just for now, while the house is so quiet, i’ll just sit here and play hooky.

want to see what i made with my “hooky”?



7 responses to “playing hooky

  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon. This viral cold is horrible!! Of course, you know that now. I’m so sorry!! My ears are “popping” now so I can hear better than I had been, but I still have a bit of a cough and I was told I would for up to ten weeks. I’m on week six today. Ugh. But, it does get better. I hope it’s not an infection, but if it is at least you’ll get better soon if you get antibiotics. Don’t wait to get them either.

    Many blessings. And, thanks for the chuckle over your Vicks induced coma stuff. Funny stuff.

  2. Enjoy your time off. If we don’t stop when we’re sick, when will we stop. Your body tells you slow down, you must slow down. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  3. Regan, I’m sorry to hear you’re so sick, but I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself. We have to do it, even though it’s so hard for us as moms. I can sort of relate to the piece about your husband taking care of all the things you normally would be taking care of … and people noticing him … and feeling bad for him … I’m with my mom in FL right now, as my step-dad passed away on Ash Wednesday. My husband is at home with all the kids, and everyone’s been asking me, “So, who’s with the kids?” “Does he have any help?” ETC. I’m so blessed to be here with my mom and so blessed to have a good husband who is taking care of everything while I’m gone … It sounds like you’re blessed, too =) I pray your recovery speeds up! Hugs!

  4. It’s so typical for mothers to feel guilty for letting the husbands take over. We usually have to be seriously incapacitated in order to do so.

    I like your St. Patrick’s garland…!

    Feel better soon. Try a twice daily combo of 25mg zinc, deodorized garlic capsules, vitamin C and echinacea. I use this not just to rid myself of stuff, but at the first sign of illness, and I haven’t had a cold since October (and that lasted 2 days).

  5. Ahhhh, I feel sorry for you!!

    It’s easy to feel sorry for the hubby’s because it doesn’t come natural for them. I agree, though, it always seems easy when he does it, why is that?

  6. Sinus infections are baaaaaaad! I know when I am getting one and I run for the drugs. At least you are a productive sicko….hee hee

    Me when I am sick I just moan and groan like a big baby. I usually never do anything when I do not feel well. I know…total wimp.

    I really liked that birdy pic.

  7. I’m not even a littlebit Irish, but I love what you made with your hookey. lol

    We’ve got some low grade fevers and headaches going on over here today, too now. 3 out of 4 kids, so far, although one is more on the recovering end. It sure has been QUIET today! : )

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