tuesday afternoon

random tuesday things:

the middle boy is reading~ the bronze bow and daughter dear ~st. maria goretti. good holy reading while i eat dark chocolate granola. it’s organic and it is yummy!

littlest son has a cousin over to play. they are wandering in and out, playing baseball and doing boy things. they lost darling daughter’s pink softball and she is not happy.

i wish there was a pill for enthusiasm, i would take one in an instant. can someone else please tell me they are feeling the blahs with regards to school. formal schooling anyway. i have no problem feeling motivated about chasing that yellow and black swallow tail butterfly around the yard for a good picture so that we could do a water color or perhaps packing everyone up for a surprise day  trip to mission san juan capistrano, but  fractions and that writing test are looming over my head, the cold is still lingering and it is cloudy. oh, and my love is gone for two more days and it is our anniversary this week.

but besides all that, life is grand. i slept really well last night, despite being “home alone”. my boys are good at making me feel safe. the stuffy feeling is almost gone from my head and i have a clean kitchen! no dirty dishes whatsoever. which to you all who have functioning dishwashers-take it from someone who is washing dishes pioneer style-this is no easy task. today i will work solely on laundry, which i caught up on last week, but we all know how sneaky those dirty clothes can be.

nothing very lent-ish to report. i did have sort of a lenten “epiphany” yesterday and i am really feeling peace as a result of it. God is so good, all you have to do is ask. duh, right? well, i guess i am still spiritually immature because there was something very important to me that i was not asking for and when i did, it was made perfectly clear. that is why He is God and me, well, i am just me.

and finally, because beautiful images cheer me up, here is a little green for your tuesday from me. and if this is not enough, go here for even more green!



5 responses to “tuesday afternoon

  1. In my world, enthusiasm pills can take many different forms … today, my ‘enthusiasm pill’ arrived in the mail. It’s a flower catalog with brilliant pictures of flowers that are fun to peruse (but that will most likely not be a good fit for our growing zone)! Still too snow covered here for much, but one can plan ahead…

    • suzie, i know what you mean…even though california is a great growing zone-keeping the garden looking nice is a lot of work. right now we have mostly bulbs, small plants and a few fillers. i have been putting off planting the seeds, but just now i saw some tall, gorgeous, pink cosmos growing in my neighbors’ yard…so i’ve been given a little shove towards “enthusiasm” there……or i could just go and ask them politely if i could photograph their cosmos…=)

  2. YOU REGAN? Spiritually immature? HA!! Yeah…right. Thanks for the chuckle.

    Anyhoo….I think some enthusiasm will come back when you are feeling better. I mean…I think ANY of us are more excited about chasing butterflies, taking photos and painting, over taking tests and fractions! But, it’s in doing the things that we are less thrilled about, that make the things we LOVE to do, that much more sweeter.! You could also look at the other way around….such as you have ALREADY DONE, I suppose. ; ) But that doesn’t help much, now, does it? lol
    Hang in there Girly!. The ‘sunshine’ (better days) are really coming soon. Some trips are just a little longer, than others!

  3. Regan…I’m generally more of the “cheerleader” type, but yeah…my enthusiasm is lagging. I think it has a lot to do with this seemingly endless interior winter. I need warmth. I need the sun to dispel these clouds in my head. I need a fresh breeze to ruffle my interior curtains.

    In other words, I’m a walking advertisement for Lent and I suppose that’s a good thing. I want the Alleluia and Resurrection…NOW! But I need Lent. I need the time in the desert, as painful as it is.

    Butterfly chasing is just around the corner…

  4. that’s a really cute pattern Regan! I absolutely love green (and every other color just about, who am I kidding?)!

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