it’s been a while……….


but there is music again in the little house. this was really the final step in making this place seem like “home”. and it looks like we even have a new pianist. thank you nana for pestering me about getting this old thing out of storage, especially before a certain little girl grows too old to want to play, like i did. i haven’t played in years, but i miss it. and besides, i can live vicariously through my children, right?

i did chase that butterfly again today kimberly, but a photo shoot still did not happen. but i am confident too, that the alleuia is just around the corner.

the writing test is done, i don’t doubt that she did well as she is my best writer. “the test said to use descriptive words mama and i love to use descriptive words, so in my final draft i made sure to use plenty.” sometimes i resent those tests, but it is nice to see where they are at “academically”.

today is my 9 year anniversary. don’t do too much math there, since we do have a 15-year-old. however, with God’s grace we did make things right in the end. too bad he is still out of town, but thankfully he will be home tomorrow and we will probably do nothing spectacular. i told him if we went out on friday, it’d have to be for lobster since we can’t eat meat. (so we’ll probably be waiting for saturday!)

well, i am off to visit my grammie who is not well. she has some fluid around her heart and the medication they’ve given her is making her worse. hope all is well with you and yours.

and before i go, here is more green….



7 responses to “it’s been a while……….

  1. Happy anniversary to you and your husband! I hope you have a wonderful celebration this weekend =) How was your visit with Grandma? I will say a prayer for her health. Goodnight, and thanks for sharing all the green!

  2. Happy Anniversary! CELEBRATE with lots of hugs and kisses and just little things that you do for each other everyday. Would love to know what you looked like as a bride. My dress had 7 big bows going down the back…….holymoly what was I thinking???

  3. I hope your grammie is better! Prayers being said!
    And, Happy Anniversary, love. I’d wait for the meat (on Sat.), too. I don’t like seafood so much. Fish, yes, but seafood, no. Blech. I know, I grew up near Seattle – I ate all kinds of seafood, but after I married and moved to the West Coast, I just lost my tastebuds for seafood. Well, tomorrow I’ll be eating salmon for lunch – and my two at home with me will join me since they tried it last Friday and loved it. It’s fun to watch them grow and their tastes expand.


  4. Happy Anniversary! You have such gorgeous pictures here! Thanks for leaving a comment. I look forward to poking around here more. I know what you mean about decluttering those sewing and craft supplies. I am hoping to cut down on some of my fabric stash by making a scrap quilt. Have you ever made one before? This lady has a nice tutorial on her blog:

    Enjoy your celebration even if it is a bit delayed!

  5. A very happy, though somewhat belated, anniversary to you! May God grant you many, many more years…

    Love the bits ‘o green. I have hope that I’ll soon look out the window and see a bit myself!

  6. I’m late – but Happy Anniversary!

    So glad to hear about the piano – we have one in storage and I NEED to get it out!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Sorry I missed your anniversary…hope it was HaPpY!
    Lucky you…a piano in your house! I have always wanted to learn. Tried lessons twice. Pinkies too short, and memory too. lol

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