the 11th hour

i have never participated in the small sucesses over at faith and family live before because my brain works sort of retroactively and so the day is over and it is too late to post….but since i managed my time a little better today-thank you Jesus-even though i was a single parent most of the week and a sick one to boot-i still have a few minutes to do this. the details, in case you want to share too, are here. and even if you don’t want to share, go check out some of the other “successful” ladies.

1. i did some of my learning notes for my monthly meeting with my facilitator for the charter school we are in-early, mind you my meeting is not for a few weeks! and we finally started our golden california unit today.

2. i have been meditating and praying every morning for about one hour before i look at blogs, etc. on the computer.

3. and finally for a quick 3-in-1: i kept up on the laundry all week, cleaned the kitchen almost every nite and i excercised 3 days so far.

well, i guess i should go, since my love has returned and you all know how he feels about the sound of clicking keys!

but here is just a smidgen of green before i go…………….



6 responses to “the 11th hour

  1. Beautiful picture!

    Wow, you accomplished a ton this week, and with hubby gone? Super job!!

    Glad he’s home, go celebrate your anniversary, God Bless!!

  2. Good job, especially on the prayers. I always have my prayer time first thing, at about 4:30 (!), but there are mornings when I drop the reading and head for the computer. Shame on me!

  3. Lovely, lovely pic!

    Congrats on your successes!

  4. I’m impressed! Those seem like big successes to this heavy-laden, ready to have this baby NOW mama…

  5. Very impressed.

    I just LOVE your photography. It is so evocative for me, really bringing your images to life.

  6. You are so darling. I love your green stuff. You sound like you have been busy to me. Enjoy your weekend and your anniversary.

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