at the wetlands


in spite of the early morning hour we had to get up, ready ourselves, leave the house and arrive for the guided “bird-walk”, the grumpy teenager and the mosquitos, which “might-possibly-carry-the-west-nile-virus” according to our guide, we had a very beautiful saturday morning at the wetlands. i really encourage you to discover local, free events such as this one. it was a guided bird walk held by the audobon society and the water company: emwd. they provided snacks, water, coffee, cocoa, binoculars, pamphlets, you name it. it was a very educational day and it was fun!

i’ll post more pictures on flickr later, but this was definitely the highlight of our day:

a mama killdeer, acting like she had a broken wing, standing her ground telling us, a large group of strangers that we were waaay to close. too close to what?



her nest. right at our very feet, was this delicate little nest filled with 3 (make that 4) eggs (it was a long day, sorry). “camo eggs” said littlest son. indeed, it was a very beautiful day at the wetlands. thanks be to God for the unspeakable gifts He has given us in His  creation and His creatures.


oh. and the grumpy teenager, he turned to me as we were leaving, driving down the “gravel” portion of the dirt road, ever so coolly, he said, “this really wasn’t so bad, mom.” no son, it wasn’t and i am glad all of my little birdies came!


5 responses to “at the wetlands

  1. I can’t believe how many posts I’ve missed — I don’t think Blogger is posting your updates on my sidebar. Happy belated Anniversary. And love your pics this week.

  2. Lovely photos. I love looking for those first indications of spring. I love the newborn green all around. At least until my allergies start killing me…

  3. I love killdeer – their dern antics! Those eggs are beautiful. I’m glad you got up close!

  4. We all went on a walk to the wild bird sanctuary on all reserved land of the Audubon Society’s too, twice last year. LOVE it there.
    On different trip, we saw those eggs (shells) at a tide study on the bay side. There was an Audubon woman there, and she said she thought the eggs belonged to a Lesser Plover. I wouldn’t know though. The lady said a crow probably got to it. : ( I took photos of the shell too. lol
    Here’s the post from last year if you want to see Regan….lots of photos so you need to scroll down to see the shell. Does it look like the same kind to you?

  5. You’re right, Regan, about the eggs being different shade in color. I just went through the effort of bringing up our egg photos side by side. lol Yours might be a little more elongated too. So probably not the same bird species afterall.
    Interesting!: )

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