seeing red


we did ours, have you?

the president will be seeing lots of red if this campaign is successful. and my only hope is that it will make him think, even if just for a moment, of all the little, lost lives, the injustice surrounding “choice” and finally, how that innocent blood cries out for vengeance and i don’t know about you, but i do not wish it to be upon me and my children or you and yours. i often wonder if this world really understands just how severe those consequences will be.

there is a very thought-provoking article along these same lines here. so please read it if you have a chance. jennifer is a very talented writer and she has touched my heart with her courageous thoughts and words.

the idea for the red envelope campaign was circulating around all of the world wide web, but i’d like to thank allison, which is where i saw it.

and before i go, speaking of lost lives, i want to ask to for prayers for a family in our homeschool group. i will call them the “J” family.they are  new to the group, i’ve never met them, but i have read their struggles unfold in email after email as their newest baby nora, who suddenly got sick and has been sick for about a month and a half now, diagnosed just yesterday with an incurable disease. they were told something about “letting her go”. she went into septic shock about 2 days ago, her little body weak from fighting, her heart not strong and her lungs are failing.

miracles do happen. prayer is powerful and so i ask that you will join me in praying for this family who loves this baby, wants this baby and if indeed they have to “let her go”, then at least pray that God will give them the grace necessary to carry them through whatever doing His will entails.

so hold your children close my friends, ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS and each day a gift. i am off to enjoy the sunshine with my own children, but with a bit of a heavy heart…………

may the Divine Assistance remain always with us and the suffering souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. ~amen.


8 responses to “seeing red

  1. It’s so nice to meet you, and I’m so honored to have you include a link to my post. I love your blog… it just feels so peaceful. The photos are fantastic! I wish I was that creative!

    I will remember the “J” family tonight in prayer. Before I got married, I had the privilege to work in one of the largest neonatal intensive care units in the country (I was the unit chaplain), and I witnessed many scenes like the one they are going through. There are no words to comfort a parent watching their baby die, yet I know that our loving God is there through every second, and He holds those precious lives in His hands. I have seen Him work miracles of healing, and I’ve seen Him give peace and strength enough to say goodbye for now. Only for now…life, through Him, goes on forever. I was even blessed to hold and rock some of those sweet babies as they took their last breath and returned to their Father, and there is no more precious moment to be had on this earth.

    Sorry for going on…I will pray that they know God’s peace and strength, whatever the outcome.

    Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you’ll come back. BTW, how did you find me?
    I’ll definitely be back here!

  2. i always love your shots too!
    thank you for being you – you are an amazing woman!

  3. I need to get going with my enevolpes. Thanks for the reminder.

    Life can be so hard sometimes. Mine is going well but way in the back of my mind I am wondering when will heartache hit me?

    Prayers for “J”.

  4. We sent ours around Valentine’s Day, but I might send more with that sheet you can print off with 24 labels (thanks for the link). Thanks also for linking to Jennifer’s article. It was really good. Yes, there is a heaviness in my heart, too, lately. These times are so uncertain/kind of scary … We must really keep our hope and trust in the Lord! What would we do without Him? I will keep the J family in prayer. Please keep us posted on their baby. P.S. Thank you for the e-mails. I appreciate your sweetness. I hope you got my reply; I always worry about e-mail spam programs thinking my last name is another word (if you know what I mean) and my messages never reaching the recipient. Believe me, it’s happened! Anyway, thank you again. Have a blessed day! Bye!!

  5. I found your blog through Praying for Grace. Thanks for the envelope reminder. I should put that on my blog too. I love your pictures! I will keep the J family in my prayers. Life is so precious and yet we forget that every breath is a gift.

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  7. I think that is the same little girl that Anne sent e-mails about to our group here. I’m sorry to hear that she passed on. 😦 I can not imagine the pain her parents must feel.

    • yes, juli, it was the same baby and i am so saddened that she did pass away. her funeral will be monday and i can only imagine how the family must feel. last nite as i put my kids to bed i thought about how empty that mama’s arms must be……only God knows why He does what He does, it is only our job to ask Him for the grace to cope with it-good and bad.

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