don’t quit your day job

boys can be so mean. i know these are not the greatest little slippers, but my boys actually laughed at them. my oldest said-“don’t quit your day job mom, you are not a shoe-maker.” well, what a dummy he is, because everyone knows slippers are not shoes! so what do you think? you are all girls, so i am sure you will see something cute in these hospital scrubs-marcia brady-esque slippers, which were my first attempt at shoes and without even a pattern-so of course i had to work out the kinks, which i did, i think….

my girl is patiently waiting for a pair, as she has a slumber party to go to tomorrow nite and “wouldn’t it be so nice to show up and sport some of these when everyone gets dressed in their jammies!”

oh the pressure.



13 responses to “don’t quit your day job

  1. Of course, you know I think them are cute for girly feets!!

  2. very cute! if my toes weren’t pedicured for the occasion, i’d wear them to deliver my baby!

  3. The creative mind scoffs at such criticism, laughs at those who laugh at originality: HA!

    I like your slippers! 🙂

  4. Do I see fleece on the bottom?? They look cool/fashionable to me. I make slippers for my kids, too. My youngest has a pair of Buzz Lighyear slippers that have a bit of quilting on the top.

  5. i knew you GIRLS would understand!
    and suzie: that’s fuzzy leopard print fabric on the bottom.
    michelle: if i knew your “size” i’d send you some, but they’d probably get there a.b. (after baby)!

  6. SO adorable! Of course we girls understand! BTW, I actually thought of you when I snapped that photo of my baby girl, with all your green last week … I guess that was my unofficial contribution to the project =) No worries on not replying; I’m just glad to hear my message went thru. Peace!

  7. Well they wouldn’t look good on a boy, but they do look very cute. Cozy, too. They look like a kind of slipper that wouldn’t get too hot on your foot. My feet get too hot in most slippers. That’s why you will normally find me bare foot. Even outside.

  8. I think they’re adorable! You’re a million times more crafty and skilled than I am… I can barely sew on a lost button. Wear ’em with pride!

  9. Well! I think they’re super-nifty-neato-keen and cool. For good measure, I think you should stitch up a couple pair in camo for the guys! That oughta silence ’em!

    Just kidding!! Guys just don’t get the whole “cute” thing…

  10. me too…me too…me too..

    I have a size 9 1/2 foot. Your feet look teeny-tiny pretty. My boys would laugh also.

  11. adorable!!
    where do you find the time to do all these things?

    • i knew i could count on all my girly friends to make me feel better!
      shelly-there is never really time, but let’s just say certain things do suffer when i take time out to sew…
      christine-my feet are size 8, so not too tiny!
      kimberly-i might definintely consider at least making my littlest guy some in camo, he will still wear things mama makes.
      jennifer-you’d be surprised how easily you could get those creative juices flowing—but then again, you are a great writer–so you can’t have it all sister!!! =)
      juli, my feet get hot too, especially with conventional slippers and lately it is already getting too hot for my uggs, which are so comfy and warm–so i decided to experiment with these!
      and sarah–that little green monkey face goes perfect with the green theme—i wouldn’t mind keeping it up-the green theme–for the rest of the month!

  12. ooooo, i happen to think those are super cute! boys….

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