what kind of friend are you????

are you the kind of friend who-when a dear friend emails you to tell you she is “comming home” after living out of state for a while-could you help her look for a place to live because you are local- after you get over your excitement-you email her back to tell her that coming is only spelled with one “M”.

i am sorry. it’s the teacher in me, what can i say???

so, what kind of friend are you?


10 responses to “what kind of friend are you????

  1. Oh, you know you are a good friend. 😉 I would be delighted if someone I actually knew were coming to live near me.

  2. Your pictures are always so refreshing, it’s like a beautiful Spring breeze coming here!

    It bothers me when people mis-spell things, (did I just mis-spell, mis-spell?)

    But I let it slide, I think it really depends on what kind of typer they are….more than the word itself being wrong!

  3. I think I would probably have to slip that correction in there somewhere. I love doing it to my husband who is much smarter than I and usually has to correct ME. My family back home always says, “I seen” and I have to bite my tongue not to say anything. I’m not so good with punctuation, though.

  4. I am the kind of friend that would reply back:

    So, you’re “coming” home, yeah? Alright! How can I help you?

    I point it out without totally pointing it out. If I email someone, I’ll revisit it after I send it, find an error and apologize in a follow-up.

    Regan, pray for me. I think I have this ugly stomach virus. The heartburn is crazy! My stomach hurts – double over hurt!

  5. I have to really restrain myself sometimes…there are grammatical errors and errors in usage that drive me batty.

    Regan, does it drive you nuts when someone uses the word “literally” and it is obvious, ridiculously so, that he or she meant “figuratively”? As in “I literally jumped out of my skin!” or something of the like.

    Makes my hair stand on end. Figuratively speaking, of course…

  6. Me, too. Grammar and spelling errors drive me bananas. I edit everything I read! Not sure, though, if I would point out the misspelling…it would depend on the closeness of the friendship. But I’m glad to know I’m not the only spelling nut out there!

  7. Well I guess I’m one of those people. ha ha ha.

  8. I am the kind of friend who would wonder if it was a typo…because EVERYONE knows how to spell ‘coming’! lol

  9. I’d completely point it out!

  10. I’ve been sent emails with incorrectly spelled words in the subject line; I’ve corrected the spelling in my reply. I wonder … if we leave it as is … can we offer it up? A friend and I were just laughing over the book “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves.” It’s hilarious.

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