don’t look too close, please.

i had this dream that we are going to a family gathering out of town and i suddenly realize that my children have nothing presentable to wear…is every sweater really stained with grass and/or paint? does every pair of pants have a hole in at least one knee? and i can hear myself saying, “no, max, you cannot wear your rain boots.” (especially since they are both for the right foot-how did i not notice that when i was buying them?)

oh, wait a minute. it is not a dream. it is real and it is happening to me this morning. what is wrong with me? what happened to all my fashion sense? i used to care what they wore. i paid attention to things like high-waters and holes, but it seems like with each child i had less and less time to think about these things. and then in the light of eternity, such trivial things don’t seem to matter as much. but then when you are the homeschooling misfits of the family and you show up with un-cool clothes somehow everything that didn’t matter is magnified. i hope nobody looks too close at my children today. and if they do, i am confident that their inner beauty will shine so brightly that they’ll at least seem cool.


5 responses to “don’t look too close, please.

  1. I feel for you and understand, but you know what? Don’t be too hard on yourself – most people will notice, but then, eveyone will be okay in the end of it.

  2. That is so us! At the bible study before this last one, Anne’s little boy said to her, “Mommy I saw a boy with two holes in his knees!” It was mine of course. I had never thought that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to let him wear them. But you know, I think that is a sign of a good childhood. Who wants a perfectly clean (and boring) child. Not that people that keep their kids neat are boring. I’m just saying. A few holes in the knees tell of some great adventure they had.

  3. I know how that is! When we lived in the city, my kids (there were only two back then) were never out of the house unless they were clean and adorable…now it seems my only rule around here is that they not wear their pajamas outside. But y’know, nice clothes just mean nicer stuff to get manure stains on around here.

    Sometimes I look at the gang and think (on some days), man, you kids look like like a bunch of trailer-park redneck kids (having lived in a trailer-park years ago, I know whereof I speak!)

  4. I am still pretty particular about their clothing…when we are going somewhere/anywhere. But at home…that is where they wear the pants that are a little too short for them, or have holes in the knees. Our yard is pretty much sand and MUD….so I don’t care if they get these ‘home’ clothes dirty, or ruined more. We can only afford ‘some’ nice clothes…for places. Not nice clothes for everywhere…always replacing them all because of the wear and tear of wearing them all, everywhere. Eventually….the nicer clothes become the ‘old’ clothes, and what was the newest/nicest gets replaced. Clear as mud?
    Even I kind of have home clothes and going anywhere clothes. For instance…I would never wear sweat pants ‘out’. Unless I was going to the gym. But I never go to a gym, quite honestly. lol
    FWIW….I always have, and always will love worn jeans with holes in the knees. I still think they are ‘cool’. But I am realizing I am probably in the minority…and people won’t think my kids are just cool….but that their parents can’t buy them new pants. lol

  5. LOL – now that is soooo me! Once upon a time….


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