dear spring, you inspire me………







what signs of spring are inspiring you in your corner of this great big world? i’d love for you to share it with me. happy monday friends!


9 responses to “dear spring, you inspire me………

  1. We are heading into autumn here and I am looking forward to hot stews and soups for tea. I am also looking forward to making warm quilts for the children and finishing off our curtains. I also have some patterns for some jeans for the boys and some pinafores for the girls.

    I don’t really like the cold weather but love sitting by a warm fire knitting.

  2. My tulips and daffodils are starting to poke up out of the dirt in the planter. I hope we get to enjoy them before the move. That and the massive amount of birds around now tell me it’s Spring. Warmer weather t’would be lovely.

  3. O! I just LOVE coming to your blog! The sumptious photos brighten my day. You have such an eye.

    I will look for signs here, it’s been a little rainy and gloomy but I am excited and inspired by the call to document Spring.

  4. Since we’re in the pines it is always green here, but it was so warm and springlike today. I saw a few green blades of grass and I was pulling out some spring cloth to make some pretty little sun dresses for the girls. I can’t wait for Annabelle to toddle around in hers. If she starts to toddle soon.
    Once again, I love seeing your green. Are you going to take your work outside now?

  5. Thanks for the “sharin’ o’ the green” this looovely spring morn!

  6. Thanks for sharing your beautiful world with us!

  7. Your photographs are so delightful, so charming, so inviting! Thank you for sharing … It takes a bit longer to warm up here, but yesterday was gorgeous—65 degrees! We went on our first family walk—a sure sign of spring for me. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Regan!

  8. I love seeing my forsythia burst into bloom like a fountain of gold…

    Hey, Regan, I’m celebrating your heritage today (St. Patrick)–listening to Irish music while preparing enchiladas for dinner!

  9. Oh, how lovely! Beautiful, inviting photographs! You have a keen eye, and a great camera!

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