always the merry

for the good are always the merry,

save by an evil chance.

and the merry love the fiddle,

and the merry love to dance.

~william butler yeats (1865-1939)


well, since we have already fested and feasted in honor of this saint, we’ll be having spaghetti for dinner. however, as we are irish, st. patrick and what he accomplished for the irish people, are forever in our hearts.


and just because you really want to know~ this is what the rest of today looks like on paper:

reading: traditional tales from long, long ago

finish school by 2:30. go pick up oldest son. have boys set trash cans out. pay bills. do 4 loads of laundry/wash/fold and put away. cut/paint and glitter shamrocks. re-arrange my room. find a sewing spot and stick with it. read chapter from st. francis de sales book on lent. start packing knick-knacks away because they are choking me-and because landlord is expressing desire for us to pay more rent or he might need to move here-which is really freaking me out. work on learning notes due thursday. confirm play date for tomorrow. get all clothes ready for funeral tomm. a.m.go to post office/buy postage and mail 2 letters for hubby.dinner tonite with visiting relatives at my parent’s house. visit grammie in the hospital.

and that, friends, is a glimpse of what has been in my brain since late last nite. it feels kind so good to get it out because not all of it will get done. the last thing on my list is of much more importance than some of the others and it is the kind of thing that happens. you don’t schedule a slot of time in your daybook for if and when your grammie gets pneumonia. life, my life anyway, sort of always looks like this, the best laid plans and intentions woven intermittently with those things that just come up. but since i am irish and always the merry, i’ll leave you with a funny because there is always a lot of pinching going on around these parts on days like today:

adam and eve and pinch me went down the river to bathe. adam and eve were drowned, who do you think was saved?

pinch me.

ps. i cannot be responsible for the rifts between your children which might occur should you choose to share this with them.


4 responses to “always the merry

  1. Goodness…And I was feeling like I got quite a bit accomplished, until I read about YOUR day! lol

  2. I know that the cleaning list I’m working on will end up looking like this, too. Some things accomplished, some things not … Other, more important events will always come up, and we can never plan for everything, as hard as we may try! It’s good to (try to) be flexible. I’m learning this more everyday!

    I’m sorry to hear that your grammie is in the hospital. I prayed for her this a.m. I picture her to be such a sweet lady, maybe because you have such a sweet name for her.

    God bless you today!

  3. Hope grammie is on the mend. Prayers being said! Staying busy is a good way to forget oneself. Have some cyber chocolate with me, yeah?

  4. We had spaghetti for St. Patrick’s day as well. I did dye the noodles green, however. Kiddos and husband were not impressed.

    Oh well.

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