God knew……….

that i needed a husband. a helpmate. someone who knows how to operate tools and make piles of wood shavings all over the front porch. why?  because when there is a desire for wooden weapons that look  like the ones from the clone wars movie that we have been watching almost every day for the past two weeks only a daddy can do such things.  thank God for daddies. st. joseph, please make intercession for husbands everywhere!





ps. here is evidence of those holes i told you about. in living color. the other day a quick look at my stats showed searches leading to my blog, one of them was titled “children playing in dirty yard”. wow! at first i thought who would look for such pictures? and then i thought, i am so glad i supplied for that need.

well, i’m off to tackle phase 2 of my lenten cleaning. i went to bed so tired last night, but very satisfied at my progress! have a blessed weekend…………


4 responses to “God knew……….

  1. My husband has supplied wooden swords and knives, too, for our boys. I usually end up at the design end of things…

    Hey, I’m doing my fridge today! It’s really gross in there!

    Love the search comment…it’s amazing what people who stumble across one’s blog are actually in search of. See? God means for us to be pieces in someone’s puzzle; isn’t it nice to know He made use of you…?

  2. How well you honor your husband! I bet your kids love their new weapons =) God bless your cleaning … I’m plugging away at mine, too.

  3. That IS an odd search. ??
    It IS nice to have a handy husband, isn’t it?
    Very blessed indeed.
    Of course, I wouldn’t have married him if he wasn’t. That, and a 1,000 other wonderful things he is, that makes me ‘lucky’. That always cracks me up….when other women say I’m ‘lucky’ because my husband treats me with respect, is a hands-on father, helps around the house, works hard, …etc. I always think….’I don’t think that makes me lucky. I think it makes me WISE, for marrying him, and NOT marrying someone who disprespects me, would be a bad father, thinks the home is women’s work, and can’t keep a job!”. No…not lucky. Blessed, that he asked me to marry him, yes, and grateful I said yes!
    (Did that sound full of myself, today? lol)

  4. Hurrah for way awesome, cool daddies!!

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