“she could never be a saint, but she thought she could be a martyr if they killed her quick.”

“the time of persecution is coming. if brought up on charges of being a catholic i hope there is enough evidence to convict me.”

these are not my words. but they really sum up my feelings today as i get ready to make the trip with my children to go pray at an abortion clinic in a nearby city. i love my faith. please don’t get me wrong, but i am not proud to admit that i don’t have a lot of courage. i have written before about some of my fears and the reasons behind them, but putting all that aside on this beautiful, cool, sunny morning, i will venture outside of my self to do something which needs to be done. and my prayer is, first that we will be safe, for i wish that this will be a peaceful experience, but if something were to happen, then i ask for the grace to accept God’s holy and perfect will. have a blessed saturday.


4 responses to “courage

  1. You’ll all be fine. You’re doing what you feel called to do and there is blessing in obedience. And, good for you, because I suffer with the lack of courage to stand in front of a clinic as well. I’m more afraid I would respond quite uncharitably if attacked. I’m working on that. I’ll get out there on His time. Just like you. Trust in the Lord!

  2. To paraphrase Fr. John Hardon (and surely do a poor job of it at that), the times we live in demand not just good Catholics, but heroic ones. Do keep in mind that long before his martyrdom, St. Peter failed the test of courage.

    We should never feel so sure of ourselves that we fail to pray for final perseverance. We can, after all, do nothing of ourselves, but God, who dwells in us, can do all things. “God plus one is an army.”

  3. God bless you!

    How radical can we behave for Christ? Can we ever give Him enough? How radical is radical ‘enough” for Christ.

    I always pray, “let your light shine through me Christ.”

    Thank you for illuminating Christ today!

  4. Be brave. You’ll do great. You’re great at encouragement. It’s also nice that you may be able to relate to some of these girls and tell them your story. You lived it and survived. So did your baby. 🙂

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