home safe

i can’t believe i was such a chicken to go and pray in front of planned parenthood. it was such a beautiful day. the sun was shining. it was the first weekend of spring and although we needed sweaters to warm us from the light march wind, we could not have asked for better weather. we didn’t really talk to anyone. that is not the point of the 40 days for life. it is mostly just about being silent witnesses and offering support in the event that someone needs it. i was not sure how seeing women chauffeured in and out of the clinic was going to make me feel and while it did give me chills every time, i have a new sense of respect for the whole pro-life ministry. it is one thing to say you are pro-life, to refrain from using contraception so as to follow the teachings of the church, but the role of the activist, one who goes out into the field to pray like that, publicly, is one i had no experience with. i did volunteer at a crisis pregnancy clinic years ago, after my son was born, but it was different because people were coming to us. today it was different because we went to them. at the end of the day i was so proud of my children, they waved signs proudly and prayed like warriors. i never told them i was nervous about taking them. i didn’t want them to know that their mother is a coward.my husband and i quietly discussed whether or not we thought it would be safe, but here we are, it is late in the evening and we are home safe. all is well for us. our lives are  filled with the laughter of 4 wonderful children, their very presence here being the core of what makes this place a home. but my heart aches for each and every woman that went home from that dreadful place today with an empty womb.





8 responses to “home safe

  1. I would have been terrified. I’m glad your experience was a good one.

  2. Those photos tell the whole story! I think it’s very courageous that you took your kids (and that you didn’t let them know you were nervous). What a powerful experience for your family to do together—to be a witness for something so important! And maybe their young presence made an impression on someone else—to see children there says a lot—even if it was someone who just drove by … You never know! I have never prayed outside of an abortion clinic; I haven’t even told my children about it. When it comes to topics like this, I just don’t know how or at what age. They are still so innocent … Anyway, I’m glad you got home safely! May God bless your prayers and actions!

  3. Good for you and the kids! We have 40 Days going on in our Diocese, too. My hubbie always took the wee hours shifts when we lived in town. He had wonderful stories of meeting people, especially college kids who would come at that time of night.

  4. Good for you, Regan!
    What courage, and what an example you set and lead for your children! Showing them how to stand up for what’s right, and for those who cannot protect themselves. I would have been nervous too. But your voice was heard in mnay ways, by many people, big and small.

  5. Your pictures are awesome!

    When my children and I have gone God has always protected us. He can not be outdone in generousity. Praying the rosary you have “the weapon” as Padre Pio would say.

    I do think that the children can remind some people of the ages of their unborn as they drive by. We’ve even had old ladies with rosaries hanging from their car windows “fliP’ us off. It is surprising and sad but we mustn’t let it take us from being soldiers for the unborn. They have no voice and we’ll regret what we did not do for them at our particular judgement. Our faith teaches us that there are ugly moments, like the ugliest of all, the crucifixion where Our Lord was all but abandoned. When you visit the unborn, “the least of my brethern” as they die inside the abortuary, you visit Him, you do it unto Him. And from that ugliness He will bring something beautiful…like redemption!

    For my sons, there is a masculine feeling, like St. Joseph, in protecting and defending the unborn. We need manly and heroic ways to build up our sons in the faith.

    God bless you dear one!

  6. simply beautiful regan – as you are… always 🙂

  7. Beautiful, Regan!

    I love to think of these little souls, who will be our greatest advocates at judgment! Imagine the sweet voices of little children, pleading your case, asking God to be merciful, because of your love for them…

    We’ll be standing outside an abortuary this afternoon, between the hours of 1 – 2 p.m. EST. Keep us in your prayers!

  8. I would have been nervous too! Bless you for going there *and* for taking the kids!

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