day late daybook and bubbles!

spring cleaning

 my room: dust. vacuum. went thru mine and hubby’s clothing. organize-cd’s, movies, office stuff, winter/summer clothes, bookshelf. white duvet over spring quilt.change curtains. make a few new pillow shams. move/organize sewing stuff.

the big boys’ room:sort thru clothing. store seasonal/cold weather stuff & hunting gear. move bed/dresser. vacuum. dust. clean out all trash and junk. organize video games/toys.

still to do:sort thru socks. paper mess.

towards purging the house of clutter:filled another box to get rid of. put 1 box of stuff away-knick-knacky things.

towards educating the young’uns:thank God for art and photography class yesterday. salt dough maps of california- this is a 2 part project. finish reading the island of the blue dolphins. start the seeds-indoors or out? chemo-electro science project.

dinner/food:monday-pork chops, brown rice and veggies. tuesday morning- i will make some kind of muffins(try out the new lemon muffin recipe?)/dinner-pizza and salad- as it is grocery day and i can’t think past those muffins.

listening to: the passion of Christ in light of the holy shroud of turin

watching: still trying to finish my padre pio miracle man movie-it is 3 hours long and i can’t stay awake for that amount of time whilst laying/sitting down to watch something.

reading:st. francis de sales lenten book-me/aesop’s fables for children-horton hatches the egg-littlest son/how flowers grow-usborne first books/poetry for young readers-emily dickinson-dear march/the island of the blue dolphins-the middle kids/the flying dutchman-middle son/the golden road-my girl/

a few plans for the rest of this week:finish emma-esque dress. serious school tues. thru friday. an american girl-molly-birthday party wed., tuff friday nite, house hunting for a friend.


do-it-yourself-bubbles. they dowork! but it is best to add something with glycerin. this is chemistry. light. atoms. molecular structure and all that good stuff!





3 responses to “day late daybook and bubbles!

  1. We are psychically linked! Tonight I made a pork & veg stir-fry with rice; I was looking at the bottle of Joy dish liquid beneath the sink and thinking, “It’s time to make up some bubble stuff for the kids,” and if the “Emma-esque” dress is an an empire-waisted pattern from Sense and Sensibility, I have a pattern for my own girl I’ve said I need to do this spring…


  2. Which recipe did you use for the bubbles? I was just thinking I need to start making our own. All those little bottles are so wasteful.

    • nina, i am a little embarassed to admit that we “wasted” a lot of soap getting the mixture just right. we sort of just mixed household soaps-dish soap, laundry soap and hand-soap. i do think that since none of them had glycerin we lacked the stickiness they needed to last. never-the-less, it was still fun and i think you can easily buy glycerin at the drug store-i know i did once when we made snow globes. sorry i wasn’t much help!

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