“what you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”

this miniature daffodil was a gift from my sister-in-law, who shares my passion for flowers. it bloomed the day after i brought it home. what a treat it was to wake up saturday morning and see its’ bright, shining little face. middle son witnessed it receive a visit from a resident hummingbird since it was on the porch. a sudden rain storm sunday morning made me bring it inside where it fits right in with my yellow kitchen. i thought the cold weather was over and almost stored the heaters in my spring cleaning frenzy, but i am glad i didn’t as apparently it is not.

a busy week left me so tired and seemingly back to square one with regards to the spring cleaning i had started. when i read everyone’s schedules and lists i feel extremely behind and overwhelmed, but certain things had to be done and the good thing is~the work hasn’t gone anywhere! it is right here waiting for me to give it a second chance. housework is so faithful that way.

so, with my very limited free time, some of the more important sewing tasks didn’t get finished. however, embroidery, which is ever my favorite thing to do, did manage to sneak into my busy weekend. these little cloth napkins have been on my sewing table forever and i am happy to report that i am finished with about half of them. the tiny pictures aren’t much,  just barely enough to add a little beauty and maybe a smile to the faces which will be cleaned with them. monetarily i don’t have a lot to offer my children. that was a choice we made when we decided that i would stay home about 10 years ago. but i do have an abundance of time and a bit of talent. and with those two things i try to give to them treasures that hopefully they will remember forever. that will be my legacy to them. the homemade bread, the jammies and pillowcases, endless stories,the nature walks and art lessons. simple things, but when done with great love, are really the best things.

what is your legacy to your children and others? what is something that  that you have done in the past week to make life special and beautiful for them? i know you all have lots to share. tell me i’d love to hear it.




8 responses to “weaving

  1. Those are so cute! I like to embroider, too, and am looking forward to doing a few onesies for the new baby…

  2. That quote you began with is beautiful. I think I’ll post it on my fridge to encourage me!

    Thanks for your prayers and congrats on our new baby!

  3. I agree with you about the importance of all the “simple” things us mommys do. Hopefully our love for them will fill all the children’s hearts with so much love they can raise their children the same.
    I’m so glad I came upon your blog from your comment…lovely space 🙂

  4. Your embroidery is beautiful! Such talent… can you loan me some?
    I have seen a few yellow daffodils spring up in my backyard…they are lovely.
    I always love to see the pictures you take, and the crafty things you do. Visiting your blog gives me a peaceful feeling. Thanks.

  5. You do have talent with needle and thread, among others. Love the happy flower. Those are always making me smile.

  6. The embroidery on your napkins is so sweet! And that daffodil sure put a smile on my face! I appreciate your challenge—what is your legacy? Sometimes I feel like all I manage to do in a day are the basics—keep my kids fed, clean, clothed … I wish I could do more, but I know this is a season … Hopefully, whatever I do is with love (and ample hugs, prayers and stories).

  7. I love your sweet napkins. And I can only wish I had a SIL who would even think of giving me a flower. A slap maybe…a flower? I don’t think so. lol. C’est La Vie!

  8. I can’t agree with you more. The things we buy for our children will not be remembered, but the time we give them and the memories we make will be remembered.

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