random wednesday thoughts


i love this: that where there was one, there are now FIVE-almost six-daffodil blooms! yay! God is so clever!

i love this not: that i spent all morning making a skirt for my girl to wear to a birthday party today and the darn thing has to be turned into a sundress instead. why is it that every time i don’t use a pattern, because somehow i think that my sewing skills have improved enough so that i can “wing-it”, i end up with something other than what intended. well, it will suffice as an around the house sundress, good enough to garden and play in. at least she is still sweet enough to wear these awful things i make for her. and, as she so lovingly pointed out this morning, “well, mom, at least you didn’t have to sew it by handthe way ma did when she made mary some new dresses for college.”(little house books) she is so right about that. i did use a machine-albeit a badly behaving one.

she also pointed out that pa could fit his hands around ma’s waist when they got married. and if that didn’t make me feel even worse i don’t know what will!

and finally, i love this:

or rather these-seed trays! which practically fell out of the sky-i won’t say how-but if you have boys you may have ideas about the crazy ways boys dothings. and so after pondering what i was going to do with the TONS of seeds we have to plant and seeing a good idea here, i realized that our fingers would be awfully busy trying to make enough. which is why these are so great! another consideration this year is how we are officially on water “rationing” in the state of california and will be penalized if our water usage is over what it should be, hence the need to plant water friendly species. but seeing as how i am not a professional gardener at all, this will be good enough. the kids can be involved, the seedlings will be safe and when they are ready we can find homes for them in different spots all over the yard. well, that is enough rambling for one post. good nite.



One response to “random wednesday thoughts

  1. Really do you think that is true about Ma? It is hard to imagine that it is possible.

    Love the top photo. The colors and light are beautiful.

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