seed school



the gardening journals can be found here. the scrapbook paper is from michael’s. the name of the color pack-childhood. did you know april is national gardening month? i didn’t, but since it is my birthday month, i guess that explains the connection i am feeling. hope you are enjoying this day, whatever your weather may be…….


10 responses to “seed school

  1. I lost track of that website. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Enjoying the gardening journal – nothing I’d rather do than be outside under proper planting conditions. I am not enjoying our weather, however.

  3. April is Una’s birth month, too…she wants to plant lots of flowers as always (her “Fairy Garden). I usually am the happy recipient of her bouquets.

  4. I’m so jealous of everyone working on gardening in April! We have to wait all the way until mid-May. (Although my husband started re-doing our garden today, as we’re moving from row gardening to square foot gardening. Yeah!)

  5. Those journals look great! I will save that site. We, too, have to wait awhile longer to plant … But I do hope to do flower pots later this spring. I sort of missed it altogether last year, since the twins were so little … We did have a pumpkin patch, though, but that’s a story for another day! =) Oh, I’d also love to do a Mary garden someday. Do you have one?

    • no sarah, we don’t have a mary garden, we did once, but it has been a while. perhaps this will be the year to do one again!

  6. I have wanted to start gardeing this year so bad. But I am just overwhelmed….I have NO idea what I am doing…when to start…the complicated spoil and PH stuff…..seed or starter plants…in our outside…I probably missed the opportunity and the season to start stuff has passed by now.
    I ordered a Johnny’s catalog, thinking it would help me figure things out. But I think I am more confused. And in these next few weeks, I am not sure I have time to figure it all out. I just want some tomatoes, cucumbers, and sunflowers. Maybe some bean/pea pod things.

  7. Ok…I meant SOIL…not spoil. lol

  8. I’ve tried to pretend I have a green thumb, but alas, I do not! I’ll keep trying though, but only in planter boxes or pots. I don’t feel as guilty when I kill off two plants as apposed to a garden full.

    When’s your big day? If you email me your addy, I’ll pop a birthday card in the mail to you.


  9. i completely forgot about that website.

    i’m starting seeds this evening (a bit late, but better than never, no?).

    now to get my husband to create the actual garden! lol!

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