mary’s little lamb


the easter lamb, mary’s little lamb, has been on my mind since december when i saw the pattern in living. i knew right away that this was the way i wanted it to look and that this was the time to make it-minus the crooked ears, of course. i like his wobbly little legs and bowed head. his wounded side evokes tenderness.

fast forward to this week- mother goose is our current read-aloud at night, the sing-song-y ones being the favorite and mary had a little lamb is at the top of the list. so i thought what better way to finish the days than with this little guy. “and i don’t really want to play with him, mama, i just want to love him.”

the greatest thing about mary’s little lamb? He’d give His life for you.

happy week-ending!


6 responses to “mary’s little lamb

  1. Regan, that lamb is sooo precious! My heart swells, for Mary really did have a little Lamb, and HE is oh-so dear! With the wounded side, you have made the perfect Easter decoration. Happy weekend to you, too!

  2. Your lamb is so adorable! I like to take the same kinds of pictures you do, kind of abstract. I look forward to visiting your blog often!

  3. Never thought of this song that way. Hmmmm. Anyhoo, love this wee lamb and the meaning of Him , too.

    God bless,

    P.S. Yes, places like I visited today do make me feel pretty much that it’s cool to be Catholic. We need to recruit!

  4. How adorable!! What a wonderful idea. I would pay you money for a little lamb like that!

  5. You must NEVER stop crafting girl….you are whipping stuff up left and right, every day! Such talent to get out of the system, huh??
    That lamb is so, so sweet. So symbolic and a wonderful reminder for the eyes to fall upon all throughout this Easter season.

  6. sigh…to be a cool crafter such as you. I just drool and dream. In my next life….i will be a crafter!!!!!!

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