a month of pictures

jennifer is hosting a month of april pictures. i am in. are you? i cannot think of a more lovely way to spend april than taking pictures! (yes, i know that is pretty much how i spend every month, but let’s not spoil the fun now.)


my theme: random

day 1 theme: poetry and pictures

excerpt from lovliest of trees, the cherry now by a.e. housman

lovliest of trees, the cherry now

is hung with bloom along the bough,

and stands about the woodland ride

wearing white for Eastertide.




7 responses to “a month of pictures

  1. I participated last year, and it was so much fun!

    Beautiful pictures!!

  2. Lovely, simply gorgeous lighting too.

  3. Very pretty. I still am posting snow pics!!

  4. Your pictures are amazing!

    (Oh and yes, my kids immediately wonder where we’re going if I look somewhat decent!)

  5. Such a pretty blossom!!

  6. Your pcitures are soooooo fabulous!

    I particpated last year and was hoping that Jennifer would do it again!

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