april fools

i’ve been missing this place. but sometimes life gets so hectic that finding the time to sit here and write a formal post is next to impossible. but today i have just a minute to share a few wonderful things…

baby moses being one of them. this was taken by my daughter this morning. yesterday we were surprised with 5 new babies. which was very lovely since we lost a puppy on friday. it seems that we have terrible luck with animals, but the cycle of animal life continues with these new little kittens.

a certain little curly haired boy is being chastised by mama kitty as we speak because he keeps taking them out of their box. he finds it so interesting that she will come and get whichever baby he happens to have.


as for names-so far only baby moses and josephine march have names. the other three are undecided, but will come with time i am sure. usually we see something in their personality and it turns into a name.

we are still plugging away at planting our seeds. we have our work cut out for us though as there seems to be no end to the packets!

the california unit we are working on is moving along nicely. it is so strange to actually be studying a place in history that we are familiar with. we have been in ancient times for years-doing story of the world-and bible history-but the missions have been on my mind for quite some time. this summer we will try to visit as many as we can and by september we will be ready to start the american revolution.

this month is my favorite. not just because it is my birthday month. my baby will turn 5 on the 5th this year. it is also poetry month and national gardening month. i am looking forward to reading a little bit of longfellow today. i got a hair cut with layers and some highlights-thanks to my extremely talented sister-in-law-the only hairdresser who will actually come to my house and put up with kids running in and out, stepping in piles of my hair, etc. i have 4 sil’s and they are always after me about my hair.they are all so fashionable and hip.and i, well, i worry about my seedlings and making cream cheese and crab wontons, wandering around the house with rubber boots on, pants bloodied from being a midwife to my laboring cat-wondering if i should have the kids do a notebook page on animal childbirth. i haven’t had a decent haircut in 2 yrs. 4mos. and so it was time. and the highlights have nothing to do with my turning 33.

well, i am off to find my toothbrush. these april fools have been pulling pranks on me all morning. but with a light-hearted laugh i threaten to use one of theirs.“oh mom, that is so gross…..” they say. but hey, i can be an april fool too, can’t i?


10 responses to “april fools

  1. Congrats on the kitties. I cannot show my daughter or she’ll lean into me about wanting and trying to find a home for our cat. I know, I want to take her to HI, but then I seriously believe she will not do well with the travel and changes. She’s an indoor, quiet kitty, and moving her in a crate just to go to the vet is hard on her.

    Happy birthday to the birthday child on the 5th! Okay, the pumpkin bread is done . . . gotta scoot back to the kitchen and then work on cards some more.


  2. Sweet kitty!

    April is indeed a lovely month. Kids are currently going down to the pond (minus the little guys, who are napping), and the sun is shining.

    I wish I could see your haircut, sounds nice! Like me, you are always the one behind the camera…

  3. You’re only 33!! You are a young little wipper-snapper!!! Happy Birthday Month to YOU!!

    I am so like you. Fashion?Pfft. I want to be running around in torn jeans…outside. I want to be OUTSIDE in the snow, in the dirt, in the rain, in the sun…just outside.

    happy seed planting

  4. Oh my GOSH! I am older than YOU TOO??!! But you are somuch WISER!! This is getting ridiculous. I seem to be older than everyone I was sure was older than me. What does that mean, do you suppose? That I am immature? Ignorant? LESS THAN….wise? It means something. I’m sure of it.

    What a perfect name for ‘Moses’. Naming them is half the fun, isn’t it?

    I’m getting a haircut tomorrow. I NEED some highlights, but it won’t be done tomorrow.

  5. Thanks for writing that about me. I would like to tell you that I think that you are beautiful and so talented. When I went home yesterday I told my mom that you looked so cute, you and your house belong in one of those magazines you read.
    love you

  6. Happy birthday month =) I just turned 33, too, in March … And, I just got a hair cut and highlights. I get my hair cut fairly regularly, but highlights I only do once a year with birthday money from my dad.

  7. Regan,

    33 was a good year…boy, does time fly!

    43 wasn’t so bad either!

    Happy Birthday, you precious woman…may God grant you many more years of happiness!

    • thank you ladies for all your well wishes. i am just glowing from all of your sweet words.

      ps. and you too nora….i know you are not just saying those things because i am going to name my next daughter after you!

  8. ADORABLE ‘Moses’ Kitty! My girls are gonna die when i show them that! just the cutest thing 🙂

    I love your posts! and i can’t believe i’m as old as i am! [seeing as you’re only going to be 33!! – arg!] – you really are a wise owl [notice i didn’t say wise *old* owl… aren’t i just so nice ;)]

    So from my side of this great land to your side:
    Happy Birthday Regan!!

  9. happy birthday month! It’s my birthday month too! I am turning 32. That kitty is adorable…

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