“the sun is playing hide-n-go-seek with God and the clouds today, mama”, says my littlest son. it sure is, bubba. and so with that we did very little school today. finished up some loose ends in math. we did catechism and art together-using oil pastels-which the kids love. the lesson was on the soul and confession. i guess i wanted to talk about it since we are going in the morning and i wanted it to be fresh in their minds so that they would make a good one before easter. i know it helped me. several obligations will take me out of the house this evening, but two boys are coughing again, so i will be on my own with my oldest and my daughter. i don’t know why i loathe going out so much sometimes. i guess it is because this gloomy day is getting to me. i did sit and make a little of my own sunshine, though. this is my first try at applique. it is for the back of the quilt i am making for my girl. i am planning a little outdoor scene with grass, flowers, a few butterflies and this sun. we’ll see how it turns out. my fingers are so sore from so many pokes by the needle. i can’t bring myself to use a thimble. how stubborn and silly, huh? i’d rather have a raw fingertip i guess. it gives me somthing to complain about.

the rest of the weekend will be very busy, i am hoping i can get my picture a day in. i guess it won’t be too hard if i fret less about finding a poem to accompany it. well, friends, have a blessed friday. easter is almost here and i can’t wait. along with all of nature, birds, trees, etc. i am ready for some ALLELUIA!


8 responses to “gloomy

  1. It’s beautiful. I have a thimble aversion as well.

  2. What a SWEET quilt that is going to be!!
    It POURED like the dickens here today – dark and yucky for sure.
    I am ready for some ALLELUIA too! Holy week sure came fast this year, and I am looking forward to it.

  3. Your picture reminded me of the book, Sun Bread. It also has a recipe for sun bread, which is good to bake on a gloomy day!

  4. cute sunshine, and I am there with you about the thimble. It just feels awkward.

  5. You always have a pretty project under construction. Wish I could get my act together …

  6. I continue to be amazed by your beautiful projects. The sunny quilt looks wonderful! How talented you are!
    I never learned how to sew, and the older I get, the more I wish I knew how. I think I would enjoy things like quilting, but I have no skill!
    I really do enjoy seeing all the lovely things you make.

  7. Beautiful!

    Sometimes we need to bring the sun inside…

  8. Lovely sunshiney project!! It is very happy looking!!

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