she is beauty

day 3 theme: poetry, a picture and some thoughts



she walks in beauty

she walks in beauty like the night

of cloudless climes and starry skies;

and all that’s best of dark and bright

meet in her aspect and her eyes:

thus mellowed to that tender light

which heaven to gaudy day denies.

george gordon, lord byron

i can’t take credit for this one. my darling daughter, who walks in beauty, took this yesterday evening as we were cleaning up our gardening mess. i asked her to hold my camera while i did something and she snapped away. i am always amazed when i see life through my children’s lenses. she saw the setting sun and thought enough of it to take a picture and then in her dramatic, super-girly voice she said, “oh, mother, your camera…” but i think it was more about what she had captured. i love this girl. not just because she walks in beauty, but because she is beauty.


4 responses to “she is beauty

  1. Your little girl’s photo is just beautiful. She obviously takes after her mama. I am enjoying your April photos very much (and the poems you’ve attached to them). I like your header photo, too—reminds me of spring training =)

  2. Wow… she has an eye for it… what a peaceful image. Beautiful.

  3. This one is so goregous, and the poem, sigh…

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