day 5: my baby turned 5 today. “are you my boy?” i asked him. “yup, i’m your  birthday  boy”, he told me.

with all of the things we had to do for palm sunday mass today and a surprise birthday party for my friend’s husband, we didn’t celebrate the way i would’ve liked to. but that will come this week because turning 5 is a very  important matter.

this curly haired boy is especially dear to me because i  asked for him. two months after a very painful miscarriage, on my birthday, while on a walk with my father and the three older kids, (my husband and i lived next door to my parents at that time and walks like this were common), who were four, six and nine…were skipping along and there was a most beautiful sunset that evening and it moved me to say a very heartfelt prayer, a prayer for another baby. “please, God, blessed mother, all you angels and saints, by this time next year, can i please  have another baby to hold for my next birthday.”  that is all  i wanted. and because it was God’s will, the following year, nine days before my birthday, on april 5th at 5:05 a.m., he was born. all 8 lbs. 14 oz. of him-after 12 hours of THE most painful labor-i cried the divine mercy chaplet almost the WHOLE time-it was lent you see…and i was ready, so ready for my emma therese. i just knew she was almost here. another girl, who would finally even out the boy to girl ratio in our home-3 and 3….but God has a sense of humor and emma therese was not meant to be……because it was a BOY! thank you Sweet Jesus, for this precious baby boy. may he have many, many more.

ps. he even got a birthday blessing from father after mass today!


8 responses to “five

  1. Happy number 5, precious son! Many many many blessings and many many many more years!!

    Did you know, Regan, my oldest boys birthday is the 14th, too? Whoo-hoo! Did you get your card yet?


  2. What a sweet birthday wish, and even a sweeter birthday gift.

  3. Happy 5th birthday to your son! May God continue to bless him and keep him in His special care.

  4. Happy birthday to your little boy!

  5. Happy birthday to him!

  6. Happy Birthday big boy! What a wonderful story to tell him.

    regan, I didn’t realize you had teenagers. Clearly, I am not reading very carefully. You must be soooo busy.

  7. happy belated birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday to your little guy!!! 5 on the 5th, his golden birthday!! =)

    What a beautiful story too. I hope you are having a blessed holy week!

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