on flowers, friendships and minor emergencies



the morning is almost over and we have already had a minor emergency. the perpetually barefoot boy got 3 slivers in his foot, two were very small, but the larger one he tried to pull out on his own and it left some even tinier slivers. i am just glad daddy was home to help take them out because i don’t have the stomach for first aid. florence nightingale i am not for my stomach tosses and turns with each cry of pain from my littlest son. and i can’t help but think of another mother, whose sorrow we will recall this week, and i am at a loss for words. sufficeth to say that  a sword most definitely pierced her heart, because as mothers we so literally feel the pain inflicted on our children. regardless of the cause or how minor or major the emergency might be, our pain is very  real indeed. 

day 6: flowers and friendships

this tiny purple flower is our first real bloom. not a purchased bloom. for while those are sweet. there is nothing quite like nurturing a little transplant or seedling and then watching it flower. we are very excited, small success though it may be. we have some almost daisies we are keeping an eye on too. they are very hearty and almost weed-like. i have watched them grow in my grandma’s garden for years, her words, “take some”, constantly ringing in my ears. and this was the year to do it. she has been so sick, but i wanted to do it now before she is gone someday and it will be so much harder. why put off for tomorrow what you can do today….

picture number two was taken recently at a new friend’s house (she came for tea once). i have been so blessed in my many years of homeschooling to make some very special friends. but this friendship is a little different because this is someone who greets me wearing an apron she has made, she collects vintage buttons, she loves to sew and  go thrifting. i was just excited about the cranberry scones and lemon cake with cream cheese frosting, i mean, who wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who makes things like that! and then there is the fact that she has two little girls who love to play dollies, which has been so  nice for my girl. but i must say that this is quite an adventure for me because i finally have someone to play with too!

well, enough rambling. the sun is shining. i have to go check on my seeds. i am searching the big yard for the perfect spot for sweat peas and morning glories. i feel so peaceful after a breathtakingly beautiful mass yesterday, which is rare for me on a monday, but God is so good and merciful to me. so with that  i wish you  a wonderful monday too!


7 responses to “on flowers, friendships and minor emergencies

  1. Happy Monday. I hope your little guy isn’t too sore.

    It has been a long time since I made a friend with whom I am excited to get together with. You are blessed, indeed. Enjoy.

  2. How nice…alas, I haven’t any crafty friends in my area (I’m so far in the sticks that I hardly have anyone at all in my area!) How fun it would be to sit over tea and cakes while doing some kind of needlework with a friend!

  3. Happy Monday to you!! Your post about your son is beautiful. Love dark haired boys. I got one myself!!!!

  4. That boy and I are kindred spirits. I am perpetually barefoot as well. I have even walked across the snow barefoot. Was it the boy that just turned five? I am a little behind in my reading again, so I will have to say Happy Belated Birthday!
    I must be a heartless mommy, because I don’t mind getting the splinters out. Sometimes I even let my oldest do it for me. She’s usually the Florence Nightingale in our family. Can you believe the other kids let her at them with a needle!

  5. Oh–Too bad I wasn’t around your home for you this morning. I am really good at removing slivers painlessly. Just as good at pulling teeth, which has happened once again around here.

  6. Ahh…signs of spring barefeet and slivers.

    Anyway, if you want to venture on over…I have a little girl who loves dolls…and a boy who loves to climb – barefeet of course!

    i don’t have to bribe you with vintage buttons and aprons, do I? Because I will.

    You bring the scones…(oh come on! I’m not that picky…any baked good will suffice!)

  7. ah, cici, you name the date and i’ll be there, with baked goods and bells on! but you can bribe me with vintage buttons if you MUST! =)

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