day 7: up close



hers and mine. they don’t look alike. i look like my dad. she looks like hers. but she is so my daughter. quite often watching her is like watching myself as a child. she keeps lists of the books she reads. she wants to use the $20.oo easter gift money that she got from my grandma to pay off her library fines (she left a book at nana and papa’s, we couldn’t find it and now she owes $21.60). she likes thrifted finds for her dollhouse and her room. she wears striped tights and stockings with converse tennis shoes. and she bites her nails. i don’t know what i would do without her girly presence in my life. i even enjoy washing her clothes! thank heaven for little girls……….


9 responses to “faces

  1. Amen! Your little girl is a doll!

    My gosh, Regan, I looked at that top photo and thought, “What? She has two girls, and one is already a teen?” Seriously, I don’t know what you look like in other photos, but in that one you look about 15!

    I feel so old…

    • geesh ladies! and i really didn’t want to post this photo because it shows all my age spots freckles so i thank you for the kind remarks! i was not kind to my skin in my younger days. lots of sunning. so i imagine in the next few years all sorts of interesting things will be popping out-along with the already present crows feet, frown lines, etc.
      jess, how blessed you are to have 4 girls! nadja, i will be glowing the rest ot the day from your compliment. sarah, the highlights, well, they are probably the reason i look a bit younger! and jaimie-i’ve missed you!

  2. You look so young! Your daughter is beautiful too! Truely thank heaven for little girls, I have 4 (right now, we don’t know if the new baby is a girl or a boy yet…). They are fun, especially to go thrifting with : )

  3. I love your photos!!

    These close ups are so beautiful! Your daughter is a gem!

  4. How sweet you two are! With all those boys around, you must have an extra-special bond with your darling daughter.

    P.S. I like your highlights. They look great! =)

  5. My girl is so me, too, but looks like a beautiful version of her daddy. You h ave inspired me to take a pic of us together and post it – maybe after this Holy Weeks stuff. I have a few posts about Holy Week that take center stage now.

    HUGS to you gorgeous gals!!

  6. Your little girl is so lucky to be like you. I have three girls and none of them look like me either. Your little girl is still beautiful, though. I know you must have a wonderful bond.

  7. I’m with Nadja! I was trying to figure out….does she mean that is her on the left?? You look so young…like a big sister to your daughter.
    Anyhoo….what a sweet tribute to all the little things that make your daughter, her, and how they make you love her so much. No doubt her love is equally as profound for you.
    I ‘aaahhhhed’ out loud that she wants to use her Easter money for her late library fee. What a sweetie.

  8. Gorgeous photo of two gorgeous girls! I should try and get a few photos like that of my daughter, time flies so fast I want to cherish every minute and your spontaneous looking, oh so happy portrait is perfect. 🙂

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