day 9: small successes. very small. please go here for more.






8 responses to “counting

  1. The seedling photo makes me happy. What’s growing in there?

  2. LOVE this, and love the pictures! How creative! Everything looks so good!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Hey Regan!

    What’s growing there?

    You might want to try a bit of bleach on the counter, of course test it somewhere inconspicous first.

    Have a blessed Easter!


    • this particular batch of seedlings is african daisies, zinnias and sunflower elves…let’s hope they are ok after being left out in the rain last nite!

  4. your eggs are so pretty

    my kids color like a crazy modern artists gone made with crayon

    hello pretty seedlings

  5. Fun! I love the eggs in the basket and all the color. Neat theme.

  6. So you guys colored eggs too! Who doesn’t, right? Especially if you have kids, I suppose. It’s so much fun th0ugh, at any age! lol
    So I was going to ask what you were growing too…but saw the answer to the same question in another’s comment. They look like they are doing ok!

  7. Oh man — just seeing this posting and the photographs made me smile. I love it! It’s like pure goodness!

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