catching up and some rambling…

i know i am behind on my april showers. i think today my theme will simply be HOME. hopefully by tomorrow i’ll have my head out of the clouds and i can post something more photographic.

the only downside to truly  celebrating the holidays, being present  in  the moments as they happen and even stopping to enjoy every little detail, is that there is almost no time for the computer! and then after the whirlwind of activity, there is the aftermath to deal with. i sort of feel like i was gone and someone had a wild-week-long-party at my house and now i have to clean it up.

isn’t it funny how certain domestic duties are more “fun” than others. in a perfect world, i’d be head of the decorating committee for my home rather than part of the clean up crew. somehow after eating the head of a medium sized chocolate bunny for breakfast, all motivation to pick up microscopic bits of shredded easter grass and empty plastic eggs disappeared. maybe it is because i didn’t have coffee. or maybe it is because as messy as things appeared, i felt such a lulling peace, mixed with relief. the kind of relief which comes after someone has done something really nice for you. something that takes the burden off your shoulders and you get to sit back with your feet up, even if only for an extra five minutes or so, nevertheless the deed is done and you are reaping the benefits. 

you and i both know what i am really trying to say is that this relief is none other than that which comes from knowing  that Christ died for our sins and He is risen as He said! it really is finished and forgive me if i am just a bit giddy. i was longing for the alleluia. today was so sunny and beautiful and i feel like i can finally enjoy this spring fling  i am having with my yard, my baby seedlings and million sewing projects.


i bought a new journal and  a new pen, so maybe i won’t be thinking out loud so much here anymore. isn’t it strange that we like to know so much about what other people are thinking. i think this whole blogging thing is like a library of stories. stories of people’s lives and if we start to care, we want to know more, like any good book we hungrily read every page, not ever wanting the book to end. sometimes i feel like i am peeking into the windows of someone’s home. or not. because if you were really peeking in my windows you would probably not see the things i choose  to show you. you’d see dust bunnies and cobwebs. dirty laundry and a messy kitchen.


anyhow, i’ll leave you with some final thoughts: one new pillow case really can make a difference. somehow all of the old ones even perk up at its’ presence. kittens are wonderful. for a time anyway. the birds in my yard are so intriguing. there is a bob-white who has been talking to me all day. the kids spilled a bunch of food on the porch and he keeps coming back for more. he is so friendly and talkative. he doesn’t like for me to take his picture though, every time i move to get my camera, he leaves. i wonder how long the check engine soon  light stays on before a check engine NOW light appears. control top panty hose tend to really make a gal feel bad about herself.


i really hope you all had a blessed easter and continue to enjoy this week too. the next few days i’ll be getting read for my big 5-year-old boy’s party before he needs therapy. he cried to my mom saying that it was his birthday the other day and he just didn’t know what happened….funny because tomorrow is my birthday and i know what is happening…..i will be one year older…..and wiser i am sure. maybe this will be the year i won’t need control top panty hose any more….


13 responses to “catching up and some rambling…

  1. Beautiful pictures! Happy birthday to you and your son and wishing you a good week as well.

  2. Happy Birthday! And your son turning five (hugs). I love all the photos.

  3. Have a wonderful birthday week! As for the control top nylons, I cannot wait for summer and warmer weather so I don’t have to wear nylons. They are constricting, no matter if they are control top or not.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

    I love your pictures, what ablessing you are to your blogger friends.

  5. Happy Birthday, Regan!! I hope you have a fabulous day! And may God bless you abundantly during this new year of life!

    Adorable pillow! It’s amazing how one little change or new thing can make such a difference! Perks everything right up =)

  6. Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You! 🙂

    Beautiful pictures – the pillows are fabulous patterns and the bird eggs were so relaxing to look at and of course, you threw in the awwww pic at the end. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  7. I care I care I care

    I want to know more
    I want to know MORE!!!!

    For this reason I like to blog!!!

    My house is officially a war zone. I am normal and I assume everyone out there is normal and has messes in life. I love your pics…great job!


  9. Happy birthday ( a day late!)!!!

  10. Happy, blessed birthday to you!
    I always love to come to your blog…it’s just so lovely and beautiful and leaves me peaceful. What wonderful spring pictures!

    Peace to you,

  11. Happy Birthday Regan!! I hope it was wonderful! God bless!!

  12. I don’t have a Flickr acct to leave a comment, but that picture of you and your little guy is PERFECT!!! I love it!!

  13. happy birthday (late)! i love that yellow pillow. Your embroidery is always so sweet – its perfectly sweet everytime.

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