lovliness is….

thank you so much for all of your wonderful well wishes. i am always so in awe of and so grateful for the friendships that i have made because of this blog. each and every one of you ladies is such a blessing to me.

now let’s be honest. you really didn’t expect me  to have my head out of the clouds yet, did you? of course not! i am too drunk on all of the indulgent lovliness showered upon me yesterday (and from drinking too much coffee today after being up all night with a little boy who had an earache) to be practical  so my theme for day 14 and 15. will be loveliness…..or at least what lovliness is for me  right this moment…………..roses and cake from my husband. fresh flowers sprinkled about the house. little girls who make and hang birthday banners. and last, but certainly not least, our resurrection scene by candlelight.






3 responses to “lovliness is….

  1. Beautiful flowers – my husband likes to give me roses, too. I never complain!

    We have the same resurrection set. The kids enjoy rearranging everything throughout the Triduum.

  2. Flowers!!!!! Lucky lucky gal!! I had my nose to the screen trying to smell!

  3. More lovely photos! It looks so beautiful. I love the Resurrection set – I’ve never seen that before! What a great idea!

    Love the red roses!

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