day 16 theme: on raising boys and a poem. (for poetry month =)

this poem has always been sort of my wish  for my boys. like if they did every thing in this poem, well, they’d be men.  good men. i stumbled upon it when i was pregnant with my oldest son and through the years i have tried to apply the little lessons woven into each line while raising all my boys. raising boys is a funny sort of job. especially for this girl who was an only child. i knew so very little about boys, even to this day they remain kind of a mystery to me. their wily, sometimes gross ways can be so distressing, but at the same time, there is something so wonderful about their presence in my life that now i don’t know what i would do without them. i think the only advice i might have to offer, would be this: keep a sense of humor. most boys are very lighthearted and just plain silly. at least mine are. they are not really that deep or collective like us girls. at least not yet. oh. and they LOVE foodlots of it!





7 responses to “if

  1. My journey with my son is just starting, and already I can tell it’ll be different; so, so good … but different. “Especially for this girl who was an only child”—well I can relate with you on this! And the rest of my house, as you know, is all girly-girl, except Boy and Hubby. But right from the start, my little guy has tugged on heart strings I didn’t even know I had! As he grows and starts to do things that I don’t get, well, I may just have to call on you for some advice … and prayer. By then, you’ll be an expert! =)

    P.S. That poem is definitely a keeper! I’ll probably put it in his scrapbook, whenever I finally get to work on it!!

  2. Your kids are gorgeous, Regan. I love the top photo with the “hedgehog” look!

    I grew up without a dad and with one sister, so my first son was a bit of a shock. I kept thinking there must be something wrong with him; he was so different from his older sister! Since then, and 3 more boys later, I can say I know how to mother boys. And I love them with heartbreaking depth–but man! They drive me NUTS!!

  3. Boys, they are another species, an adorable one! I too grew up with all sisters and just Mom for most of the time. Every day with my 8 yold son is an adventure that often leaves me scratching my head and wondering, “Is this normal?” And then he wraps his arms around me, climbs on my lap and it seems an irrelevant question. No one hugs you like a little boy.

  4. Boys are another country to me all together! I grew up with lots of sisters, and only have dd, so even Park Days with our guy friends can leave both of us reeling! LOL!

  5. I always say I am never bored. My boys have introduced me to a new way of looking at life and it has been so fun. I saw a book in a magazine a few days ago (I must go find it), the title was something like “How Teach boys who would rather be building forts” So cute and true

  6. I have a zillion light-saber wounds and I am surprised I do not walk out of the house without a nerf bullet stuck to me.

    I grew up an only child also, however, lots and lots of men around. They are the hunting conservative type of guys.

    Beautiful pics by the way~~~

  7. There is “If” for girls, too, and I love it. I have it ready for mine when they are old enough to understand it. Good stuff…

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