bluejay days

life is quite often spilling over with goodness. mundane goodness is fine with me. i am a very simple person. i mind my own business and i am quite content to be here at home, doing things like sitting on the couch reading a good story or waiting to see what birds are going to visit the feeder. i saw the lovliest bluejay yesterday and i was so thrilled at his presence. (notice i didn’t add de-cluttering or washing dishes to that little ditty on “contentment”?)

 this was a very busy week, however, and i do not like the chaotic feeling which is the result of such busy-ness. not too much sitting was accomplished and therefore i had  to say no to a field trip yesterday that i REALLY wanted to go on. i am not very good at saying no and this was sort of the first of many more which are to come. so, i let my mother take my girl to see a play i had been looking forward to in order to stay home with a little boy who has had way too much overstimulation the past two weeks and was waaaayyyy in need of a nap. he has been having earaches that are keeping us both awake at night and since i am not very into running to the doctor to get an antibiotic, we are slowing things down a bit, watching how much sugar is consumed and adding cod liver oil to his daily diet. i swear by it. if you have kids who have earaches, try it. i had virtually eliminated all sorts of ear troubles (excepting some swimmer’s ear) when i was religiously using it about  3x’s a week. 1 tsp. a day per kid.

anyhow, back to bluejay days. those are so much nicer to talk about. well, i don’t officially have any bluejay pictures to share yet. for when they come i am somehow so awestruck that i can’t even move. i guess i am afraid that if i do it’ll spoil the moment. so for day 17, i think i”ll just share a few random picture thoughts………

it is  ok to let your kids frost their own cupcakes for their birthday party. img_1423

mending with love. img_1430

i am happy to know that mama-made pirate jammies,img_1550

a drawing pad of his own and chalk pastels were still kinda cool presents for a big 5 year-old boy. yes, the clone helmet and gun were better,  but, hey, i  am a  girl. img_1555

and finally, not a bluejay, but a cute bird nevertheless.img_1446

happy saturday.


4 responses to “bluejay days

  1. It is splendid today; the weather at 73 degrees and a light breeze. Lovely. I’m with you – I need 2/3 sitting time and 1/3 activity. Maybe you need it more equal than myself, but those are my fractions for life. I’m getting more and more excited about the move these days. I’m going through my craft supplies next Saturday – to shed, rubbish heap, and to sort away for HI. I’m looking forward to finishing some projects and starting others once I get settled in.

    Blessings for a brilliant weekend for you.

  2. I’m used to being pretty active around the house, so being pregnant and slug-like is sort of frustrating for me. Knitting helps, because I can sit and feel productive rather than just lazy!

    Your 5 year old is just the cutest! And I love the pirate jammies–where’d you find that fabric? I have an 8 year old who would love a pair like that, and his birthday is next month. Homemade gifts and art supplies figure pretty heavily on our gift lists.

    Hope you are having a good Saturday!

  3. I love his little belly! I love the pastels, too. I was thinking of starting to get my kids one book and one artsie thing for each birthday.

    • thanks, juli. that little belly is so precious to me. i almost didn’t post this pic though, bellies are kind of personal. but i couldn’t resist this one. and for some reason, when my kids have their own art supplies, journal, etc. they draw more. i guess in the art world it would be equivalent to sharing ones toothbrush….

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