he does listen




so sometimes i say random things to my husband like, “i’d really like some chickens” or “wouldn’t bunnies be nice?’ and evidently, he does  listen to all my dreamy-nonsensical ramblings. for saturday morning he left very early to get his gas station coffee-like he always does but-out of the blue-he came home with 12 chickies and 2 bunnies. stay tuned for more on this new endeavor.


10 responses to “he does listen

  1. Oh, how sweet! Your husband and the bunnies and chickies!

  2. Oh, my! Just like saying your prayers — be careful what you ask for, you might get it!

  3. Fun, fun, fun! We plan to get chickens…eventually. Need grass and a coop, first, though. My dad is bringing rabbits later this Spring for the kids. They’ll take care of the rabbits for a 4-H project.

  4. Yipee, Regan!!!

    How lovely…they’re not as difficult to raise as you might think. We’ve done both chickies and bunnies, though we’ve been without them for the past few years. Our chicks will be here the first week of May! Praying you only have a couple roosters.

    Roosters don’t crow in the morning.

    They crow all. day. long. And all night, too!

    What a sweet, sweet hubby you have…

  5. Wow, that seems like a lot of fun!!! (and maybe a lot of work?)

    I always love coming here and seeing your wonderful photography!!!

  6. Well…you lucky girl you.

    That is my wish someday also.

    My grandma had a rooster that would chase us and we would run like crazy. ahhh..the memories.

    Yup…those pics are marvelous!

  7. Oh, wow!! What a sweet surprise from your hubby! Enjoy your new little friends =)

    P.S. It looks like your son loved his b-day party … His big smile says it all! What a cute boy!

  8. Your family will always have such delightful memories of that spontaneity!

    God bless!

  9. that just brings a tear to my eye! I wish we could have chickies – lots of my hs friends have them.

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