day 20: authentic. well,  sort of  anyway. these are the tortillas with which i trick my mexican husband into thinking i am authentically mexican too. made with organic unbleached flour. no salt and olive or canola oil, they come out pretty tasty. so tasty that you’d never know they’re not made with lard.

also, reading: tortillas y cancioncitas. los pollitos dicen. the animals of farmer john. north american wildlife. simeon’s gift. welcome to kaya’s world. lives of the writers: comedies, tragedies and what the neighbor’s thought. classic poetry, an illustrated collection. treasury of children’s poetry. when the root children wake up. our california.

making and doing: small fabric teepees. a raised bed for the tomatoes, squash and sunflowers and a white mini rose plant. zuchinni bread. math lessons. dictation. a little de-cluttering. weekend dishes. bleaching the sink. sorting and washing laundry. floors? uggghhh. it definitely is a monday.

on the homefront: we lost one chickie yesterday. we put them out in their coop for a while, but a very agressive bluejay, the one i thought was our friend, very sneakily got in and killed veronica. she had reddish feathers. she was one of my favorites. the boys buried her in the back yard.

notes: no photography and art classes today. middle son has had an earache now and the girl is feeling under the weather from tummy troubles. i guess this virus thing is not finished with us yet.

the middle kids have testing this week, so i hope to spend some one on one time with my little guy. i don’t know how much time i’ll have to devote to this space the next few days, but i really want to post a few pictures of things that are making me very happy. we were re-enrolled in the brown scapular this weekend. this is my third time. i don’t know if it is really necessary to do this so many times, but it felt so refreshing. especially with sunday being traditionally [ sunday and Divine mercy otherwise. i did it mostly because there was a little lapse in the wearing of our scapulars, the replacing of new ones, etc. and i must admit, this little ceremony we had was  the nicest. sister showed us a short but informative video afterwards.

well, that’s all for today. i have a million and one things to do. and it is going to be so hot today. please enjoy your chilly weather while it lasts-far away friends. i am not quite ready for summer yet, but it sure feels like it is here!


8 responses to “authentic

  1. Love the top photo and that blue bowl. Sorry you lost a chick, so sad for the children.

    Best wishes for a successful go at your massive to do list. My list isn’t too long today but I should be doing more.

  2. Man, those torts look good! I have got to get motivated and make my own. When we lived in Tucson, I worked for a bookbinder in the Barrio Viejo and only a block from a tortilla factory. I would pick a bag up on the way home–thin, floury and still warm. I’d end up eating several of them out of the bag on the bus ride home…

  3. Those tortillas look amazing!

    My girls are testing this week too. It’s nice to have some time with littler ones – today was full of lincoln logs and trucks for me and my boys.

  4. What gorgeous photos today! Makes me hungry…

  5. Blue Jays do that? Never knew? Naughty blue-jay!

    Drool…drool…wonder why I am so hungry!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I make tortillas too, but I use lard just like my mom and grandma used to. I remember my grandma having this huge tub of lard. Must have been 10 pounds or so…

    Yours look great, so thin and yummy!

  7. I’ve never made tortillas. Can you email me how you do it? I would appreciate it (when you can, no hurry) ‘cos my husband would certainly love me forever then. Not that he doesn’t now, but this would really cement it. 🙂
    Sorry about the chickie. Poor wee thing. Dern bluejays are mean as hawks, really. I found a dead bird (I think it was a sparrow of sorts) in my yard near the suet feeder . . . I think some jay or grackle got it. It’s hard to say. Grackles aren’t mean per se, so it was likely a jay – or some other rambunctious sparrows. I’ve seen sparrows peck each other on my seed bell – mean little things.

  8. Could you share your tortilla recipe or is it a secret?:-) Also, do you use a tortilla press or shape them by hand (Can you tell I’ve never tried to make tortillas before)

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