he can

day 22:

he can: rinse strawberries if he has a stool. cut the tops off (with a butter knife, of course!), feed the rabbits, cat and chickies. help me put clothes into the washer and  the dryer. take clothes out of the washer and dryer. make tiny tortillas. put his clean clothes away. pair up his own clean socks.  i could go on and on, but you get the gist of it. the baby  is starting to help out with chores. and it makes me kind of sad.



except he is still not old enough to babysit the kittens for too long without falling asleep. but that’s fine with me. he can do that too.


6 responses to “he can

  1. Oh, Regan, that was so sweet! I know how you feel about them growing up. My second eldest will be 5 on Monday, and I can’t believe it. 5!?! Unbelievable! She is such a good helper, too … She wants to do more than I let her, which I’m trying to get better at. Anyway, I can’t imagine when my real baby will be old enough to do these things. Oh my! I really can’t imagine … Anyway … Blessings to you this evening!

  2. Pretty photo, that with the kitten and your baby…

  3. Look at those gorgeous lashes! Why do the boys always get the gorgeous lashes? 😉

    Peach is my best helper too — they have loads of energy at that age!

  4. Eyelash heaven!!!! What a wonderful post about a beautiful day together with your son. Blessed you are!

    ummmm…my stomach needs those strawberries right now! And my hand to touch a soft kitten. sigh.

  5. This was just what I needed today. Those berries look scrumptious, and the little hands, the sleepy head and the kitty… just sweet and adorable beyond words. Warms my heart right up.
    You have a great eye for a great moment on film.
    Bless you, dear!

  6. Gorgeous boy and love the soft little kitten! How precious!!!!

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