8 and 24

jaimie has tagged me for this meme and since i am having writer’s block i’ll go ahead and post it. and because i’ve  really enjoyed reading all the other 8 posts that are abounding on the web. here are the 8‘s:

8 things i am looking forward to: 1. some sewing this weekend 2. a date with my oldest son 3. the cup of tea i have brewing which i will drink with some organic hazelnut creamer  4. almost blooming daisies 5. first eggs from our chickens 6. making a kindergarten quilt 7. a clean school room 8. finishing the book i got yesterday at the library

 8 things i did yesterday: 1. helped my aunt make a memory board in honor  my cousin  for this  2. took my girl to the library 3. went grocery shopping  4. made a card  (thank you sarah for your inspiration to do this. your lovely card made me re-appreciate the value of a hand-written letter and a card made from the heart) and  wrote a thank you note to my aunt who is also my godmother 5. took oldest son to dance practice for a quincinera that he is going to be in 6. excercised for 35 minutes on my mini-trampoline-cardio and  weights (yes, i am sore this morning) 7. transplanted some of the seedlings into the ground 8. visited my parents

8 things i wish i could do: 1. knit  2. go to daily mass 3. travel the world      4. have a housekeeper 5. get my family to heaven 6. pay close and not scattered attention to my loved ones all  the time 7. successfully grow hollyhocks and sweet peas 8. stay  organized

8 shows that i am watching: sorry, but i don’t watch 8 shows. i faithfully watch LOST. i am behind on 24. and my hubby and i watch dancing with the stars together when we start to feel nostalgic for the tango lessons we’ve always talked about taking, but never have. we don’t actually have a t.v. service. we haven’t for years. everything we watch is either via netflix or through streaming.

and with that i think  this meme ends here. i don’t really know who else to tag, unless you are reading this and you haven’t been “tagged”  and you want to play along………..


this is my gardening cushion. the one i knelt on forever the other day while i painstakingly transplanted a whole slew of seedlings.



and this one was my girl’s favorite earth day shot. she “planned” it and i took it. however the fading daylight as well as fading battery in my camera didn’t help us to get the perfect shot. nevertheless, we really enjoyed looking at these extremely delicate little seedlings with their intricate developing root systems. respect the earth? certainly. respect the CREATOR of it all? MOST DEFINITELY!!!


5 responses to “8 and 24

  1. Thanks for playing, that was fun to read!

  2. Your 8 things you wish you could do–with the substitution of sewing for knitting–is my own mental list to a T!

  3. I enjoyed! Thanks for sharing. Blessing to you this weekend.

    Too cold to even go outside here in MN. Poor seedling would not like it one bit.

  4. I wish I had a house keeper, too. That really would take away a lot of stress, wouldn’t it?!

    I like your Earth Day shot and comment, too, about respecting the Creator of the Earth above all else. That’s the proper focus of “being green”! That is why we ought to do it: to give greater glory to God for all He has given us.

    Happy Saturday =)

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