humor me


i had this terrible nightmare sunday night that i was going to forget all the things i’d learned about knitting when i fell asleep. so monday morning i jumped out of bed, grabbed my needles and stitched away, just to reassure myself that the nightmare hadn’t come true. my fingers are terribly sore from the pointy metal tips, i have an ache in my shoulder from being so tense while i knit, but the stitches, oh, how i love those stitches. right now, since i am on a honeymoon so to speak, i feel like if i could just make one potholder, i’ll be forever happy. and so humor me, if you will, while together we gaze at these five, maybe six pathetic, i know, rows of my newest obsession.


7 responses to “humor me

  1. YAY! Isn’t it beautiful to watch the fabric grow stitch by stitch? I couldn’t believe that it actually worked when I made my first swatch.
    And I’m partial to the wooden/bamboo needles myself. I learned on metal but I find them too slippery now.

  2. Like Jennifer, I learned on metal needles, but have become partial to bamboo (it slips less, has some “give” and doesn’t click like mad).

    Knitting is my valium. I can do it when my brain is fried and I can’t focus on reading. I do it in the van on all our long rides out here. Once it becomes natural, the tension in the shoulders and neck will melt away and you will get a little callous on your index finger, and you will find that with easy, mindless patterns, you can just melt into the rhythm.

    Yep, I’m a knitting fan…

  3. Good job, even if you only have 6 rows. They look great! I knew you’d be a natural with your pretty crocheting and sewing. Even though we’re miles away from each other, it’s fun to think we’re sort of learning together =)

  4. Hey, they are 5 or 6 rows more than I know how to do!!! I think they look great!

    Keep it up!

  5. great job! I love knitting too (I am knitting right now!) and I prefer bamboo needles also if I have them in the size I need. They are lighter weight and don’t slip as much. Knitting is so relaxing, you will really enjoy it and is a great resource. Have fun!

  6. Very nice, very nice! ‘Tis addictive, isn’t it?

  7. they look great! my shoulders still get very tight while knitting. i think it has to do with my posture. unlike everyone else it seems, i like metal needles. i think i knit too tight and it kinda gets stuck on bamboo needles. Addi needles, LOVE them. i have a kit so even when straight knitting i tend to use them (they are circular needles).

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