some friendships

take longer than others to develop that sense of trust. the trust which says, “come closer.” but when it does finally happen, it is so worth it!




 day 29. this butterfly—well, i am not completely  sure that it was the same one  every time, but i like to think it was—has been so elusive. flitting about our orange trees, getting intoxicated on all the nectar from the blossoms for months now, but she never sat still long enough for me to get a picture of her. however, yesterday afternoon, our perseverence and patience paid off. littlest son came running inside and said, “get your camera mama, the butterfly is staying in the same place for a long time!” so i did. and here she is. she even let us hold her. her sticky little feet were so delightful and ticklish to feel as i carefully passed her to the boys. it was as if she knew we just wanted to admire her for a bit. and then she was off! she flew in and out of the trees, circling around us, “probably saying good-bye”, said my little boy. and then, just as quickly as she came, she was gone. i am so glad we got to have this brief moment with her.

ps. a certain little girl did not share this experience with us and was quite upset to find that all this happened without her being present.


3 responses to “some friendships

  1. Sorry I haven’t commented in a while. Your blog is so beautiful and I love reading all of it. It has a cohesive and entrancing feel. Visiting gives me a sense of peace and happiness, thank you!

  2. What a lovely moment you shared with your boys! They’ll remember this for sure, even if it was brief. Hopefully, she’ll come back for another visit so your girl can meet her, too.

  3. How delightful!
    A friend of ours had monarchs in crysalis form . . .(?) and when they came out, they were very friendly and climbed up and down from our fingers to our elbows, would sit in our hair . . . very fun and ticklish, indeed!
    Thank you for sharing the fun with us!

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