may flowers


day 30: because april showers bring may flowers.and because this is the end. thank you jennifer, it was so lovely.

just a quick note: all of these flowers were picked from my grandmother’s garden. she is the best gardener i know in real life. everything she plants grows so beautifully. even my simple little daisies were cuttings from her garden. so this picture is for her. because i love her sassy little ways. and sometimes brutal honesty. like when she said-of my newest denim heart pillow-“didn’t you want that heart to be centered?” (well, of course i did, grammie)-or when i most recently sewed, with the sewing machine, into my left thumb and index finger-“why did you do that?”( because it was an accident grammie). i hope i have her spunk at almost 90 years of age!

well, tomorrow is may day and  it is also my 6 month blogging anniversary!!!no real “words of wisdom” from this end. i figure-to each his own-with regards to blogging. the only thing i have really learned is that 1) the grace of God is a must when deciding how much time and effort to put into not only your blogging identity, but friendships as well.  and 2) it is probably best to write using capitals. the other day i had to type up a bid for our business and i started using lower case letters. not very professional, eh?

happy thursday friends.

oh, and i am going sort-of camping for a few days. so have a wonderful weekend!


6 responses to “may flowers

  1. I’m really going to miss my established gardens from my old home in Fargo. I had all the flowers in your picture – not the same colors, though. Bearded irises, Siberian irises, roses, and daisies … I can smell them by memory as I type. Just beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous!! I’m in awe of your grammie’s flowers! Maybe if I breathe deep enough, I can smell their sweetness all the way over here =)

    Have a good weekend, going sort-of camping!!

  3. Those flowers are beautiful!!!

    Have fun camping!!

    Wish we lived closer so you could teach me how to knit! Can a lefty be taught? My grandma used to tell me (when I was little) she couldn’t teach me because I was a lefty….I’m sure left handed people knit, right?

  4. Well, I do not know how you “sort of” go camping, but I’ll wish you the best anyhow.
    Love the flowers – very pretty!!
    I haven’t a green thumb at all.
    Enjoy your weekend, you darling lady!!

  5. Oh, I especially love iris. My grandmother had a whole section of her garden with iris of every shade planted like a rainbow or color wheel. I can still smell the fragrance. I had to laugh about your thumb. I managed to do the same thing – put the sewing machine needle through my thumb a few years ago while working on a quilt. Broke the needle clean in two. It is funny now, but quite the even at the moment! Happy 6 mo blogging too!

  6. What a purely lovely photo…God surely had a lot of fun creating flowers.
    I needed a lift tonight, so I came here.

    Bless you.

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