living history




there is really no better way for children to learn about history than for them to live it. and so that is what they have been doing for the past few days. my father has a hobby which involves living like a pre-1800 mountain man in the fur trade era. my children find few things more exciting than getting lost up in the mountains with their papa, living, dressing up and playing like they are in a different time. bows and arrows, tomahawks, braids and bonnets abound. campfires, wildflowers and old & new friends are only a few of the very wonderful things they get to experience.

me? well, usually i am there like a good mother. tending to the campfire, cooking via a dutch oven. but not this time. me and my mom had some much needed girl time. we stayed at a local historical bed and breakfast. had tea, went for a long walk, did some shopping and had a wonderful dinner. what a very refreshing, memorable weekend we all  had. hope yours was too!


9 responses to “living history

  1. wow! how incredible!

  2. Sounds like a great time–for you and for the kids! My would eat that up. Bret and I did “Pioneer Days” in Tucson one year (he was demonstrating old ways of working wood with his antique tools), and it was a blast.

  3. Now, that’s the coolest!! Wow, my kids would love that, you are blessed!

  4. Oh, this is wonderful!!! My boys would have loved this. The turkey feathers in the hat is just perfect!

  5. That’s sounds incredibly fun for everyone.

  6. What a wonderful experience for the kids! I would prefer the bed & breakfast, though. How wonderful to have your mom all to yourself for a few days.

  7. How fun! What a cool grandpa your kids have =) I am glad you ALL had a nice weekend, and that you feel refreshed after a much-needed break at the bed & breakfast!

  8. My kis would LOVE that! How fun. Glad you had a great weekend!

  9. That’s quite a hobby for your father. And what a great deal for you!

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