the color of monday

brown. homemade spelt and flax bread with peanut butter and jam. thank you Lord for my breadmaker.


pink. my first baby blanket is almost done. you didn’t think it would be for a real baby now, did you?


orange. sliced fresh oranges from our tree for sun tea.


rainbow. watercolors under the pepper tree. my husband was home today and he trimmed the branches so that we could sit in our favorite spot this afternoon.


happy monday. hope yours was just as colorful!


5 responses to “the color of monday

  1. Regan, I love your photography, I love your flickr pictures on your sidebar too, it’s always so bright and cheery to come here!

  2. Wonderful pictures. Love the last post also. I am looking forward to camping!!!

  3. My indoor closeups always are fuzzy–lack of light?

    I love your colors–and the bread is making me hungry!

  4. thank you ladies. sometimes i don’t have much to say, so i just look around for the simple little things! christine, i hope it warms up in your neck of the woods soon so that you CAN go camping! and nadja, natural light IS the key to lovely pictures. i despise the flash and never use it. i’d rather not take pictures than use it.
    ps. for the record, that bread was really yummy. we ate it up in no time. but last nite i made some and something went terribly wrong in the breadmaker and i had to throw the whole thing out. i felt so terrible. and my kids were so disppointed this morning! notice i didn’t take pictures of that…….=)

  5. I instantly got hungry looking at that bread (and I’ve poked my face constantly today). YUM! I also think you take fantastic pictures and it is always such a delight to pop ’round here. I hope to post lovely pics from my trip (going this weekend) to the National Shrine of Divine Mercy in MA. My girl takes great pics, I take average ones – so I need a Saint to help me!

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