tuesday’s child

is full of bubbles right now. and when he gets out of the bath i owe him a game of uno. he has been patiently waiting all day. i’ve had a headache since this morning and so i kept putting it off. but it bothers me when any of my children want something so simple from me and i can’t seem to get to it. you have days like that don’t you? days where you feel like you are spread so thin and you have worked all the day long, yet nothing really gets accomplished. i did manage to get about five or so bags ready to take to the thrift store. scrubbed the toilet and bathtub. ruined a loaf of bread. went grocery shopping and did a few loads of laundry. tonight i am thinking alot about this tonight and will be praying for a happy ending. i wish i had some pictures to share. i’d like to show you the bloom on my mexican poppy plant or my newest succulent, but the camera stayed in its’ case today. i suppose this post should’ve probably stayed put elsewhere too………


4 responses to “tuesday’s child

  1. Sounds like your day was one of those that just have no satisfaction to them…I have plenty of those. If I don’t have at least a good school day, or a good crafting day, or at least a productive cooking or cleaning day, I feel rather let down at the end of it.

    Sebastian loves to play Uno and is always trying to talk someone into a game!

  2. I am having that sort of spring. When there is a boat load of things to do and I just want to play.

    Prayers are said.

  3. And exactly where else does one put a post 🙂 ? I just love the word image of your little one full of bubbles. I can practically see them!

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